Saturday, 4 January 2020

Its the end of this blog

Hello fellow blog friends.

For many years I have maintained this blog and it was the best and most enjoyable platform to show my sculpts and concepts. Initially I had a site called buglands but I had to stop it since it was getting too time consuming to run and blogger was more flexible and fast to update.

Almost a decade later and I'm afraid to say that it's not the case anymore, technology moved, social media kicked in and blogs are slowly dying off. On Mr Bugman case things got worse since Photobucket nuked everything with silly demands so all images hosted there are no more, this would mean that I needed to upload hundreds of images and host them elsewhere… oh and edit the blogger posts again to have new live links. We are talking thousands of working hours to recover everything.

I think its time to move on and I will host things on my Instagram from now on, I will also slowly build up there and upload my old jobs. I started a few days ago and I already have 1/3 of the followers I have on blogger so I hope to have all you good blog friends there one day. I know its less personal there but it will do for now.

This blog will remain open but just not updated.

You can follow my Facebook and Instagram at

So dear all for the time you guys gave me here I have to say farewell and a huge…Thank you!



  1. Yeah...
    There's definitely something wrong going on with blogging nowdays but than again - I just might be grumpy and unfit to modern social media.
    Still I prefer reading something than just browsing pics on instagram or posts' headers on facebook so I hope to run mine bit longer.

    You are already on my FB and insta lists so we'll be definitelly in touch! :-)

  2. Always a pleasure to follow your blog man.
    I know Im not the social media fan myself but cannot beat the time I save when posting here vs Instagram. More time for sculpting and less online is a plus for me.
    Keep it up mate and thanks!

    1. Oddly, It's actually EASIER for me to post to my blog... I take all my pics with an actual camera and to Insta them, I have to crop/adjust them on the laptop, then transfer them to my tablet, then post them from there. Also every pic has to be composed with that square cropping in mind... And I know a lot of other hobby photographers do the same thing; not many phone cameras are ideal for macro work. But as long as I get to see people's great work, I'm okay :)

    2. The way I do it is I take pictures with the camera, crop and clean on Photoshop and upload directly from my mac. The diference is that on Instagram I only do the hastags with little or no text content as opposed to mini articles on blogs :D

  3. Sad to see you go, but thanks for while it lasted.

    1. My pleasure, and thank you for taking the time a have a bit of fun time on this blog. Much appreciated.

  4. No more Mr Bug Man blog? It's been really inspirational seeing all your new designs here!

    I'll definitely find you on Insta... I hope that blogging is worth it for a while longer because I like the slightly less, well, "insta" format, and the ability to readily present links to others' pages right where the viewer can see them. But I can't deny that times change, right?


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