Friday, 17 August 2012

Foo fighters heads and mini ramblings

Oi! Long time no post folks but fear not the bug man has been sculpting gribbly things on his humid secretive UK nest.
Lots of things happened since my last post here so I have no idea where to start... from the begining seems like a good idea lol...

- Due to time constrains on my real life job I canceled lots of sculpting projects that was on my table, no more space dinos (chuhuac) in 15mm for Loud ninja games is one of the casualties... sorry folks, no way I can take more big projects atm so I will stick with just a few selected clients for now... in the future I hope to regain that extra time and return to the happy times sculpting for all the cool people and the cool projects they have. To all the people that I had to decline a big sorry and thanks for your understanding.

- I found a local bunker club with some freaky fellas so I'm the newest member of the chelmsford bunker... espect some bloodbowl funky stuff in a near future here.

- To hit next month secret weapon stores there is new range of bases, so if you like fat annelida you will be happy with them... Lots of cuddly bugs.

- Slowly sculpting more spaceship corridors for Fenris games.

- Slowly sculpting some figs for Fractured dimensions.

- Shopping spree... got some of the new GW plaguebearers DAMN NICE KIT! And more spaceships, this time ninja magic miniatures SWEET!

- Finished sculpting some heads for Battleroad games I called them foofighers. Tried to cover from small chimps, monkeys, gorilla and orangutan heads with a scifi twist...

- And also sculpted by mistake a set alien bases... I'm getting senile over here and messed up the theme! Oh well major fail!!!

It was also my Bday so I indulged myself with a big nice fat Saturday stuck at work!

Got to run and I will try to keep you guys posted about my greenstuffing but time is kinda short on buglands.