Sunday, 12 August 2018

The King Crusher

Time for personal projects is a luxury I struggle to find. But after months of planning and sculpting a few minutes here and there I managed to do something.

So it all started with the Giant Rhino beetle I sculpted last year for a client… I really wanted to spice it up for my IronJawz army, and since the official cabbage dragon was not to my taste I decided to do my own bug themed Mawcrusher.

The King Crusher was born.

Got some casts of my Beetle then I doodled some concepts for the saddle, gear etc. Sculpted them and shazam just converted and added an official Orruk warlord as the rider. Project complete and yes I know its way to much effort for just one model but hey! apart from the warlord I sculpted it all!… there is no better general for my army…