Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Wave Of bugs

Last year was a busy one and its nice to see the latest wave of bugs finally released to the public by Mortal Arrow Miniatures. The hive keeps growing stronger and stronger.

Pedipalps with antennae for sale

A set of the Pedipalps with their antennae have just been released by Mortal Arrow Miniatures. Really pleased how this kit turned out in the end.

Bag of Spiders

Just released by Mortal Arrow Miniatures a bag full of my lil spiders. Soon enough I will get a few of them for myself so that I will never run out of arachnids ever again.

Bags of Beetles

This week Mortal Arrow Miniatures released loads of bugs that I've done last year.
Quite nice to see a bag full of beetles. Soon enough I will get my gribbly hands on some of these! Yes!

Rhino Beetle Official colours

Some months ago the Rhino beetle was released by Mortal Arrow Miniatures and I never posted here the official paint job done by Daniel Rodriguez from Field Factory. 

Again another wonderful brush work with some really darkish colours. Quite a scary beetle, loved it.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Citadel Skulls review.

Not many times I buy miniatures on an impulse, just because I have so many already that it becomes hard to justify to myself the need for more. So the majority of my purchases are planned and have a clear aim to close the gap between finished and unfinished collections.
While on a visit to my local hobby store I caved in to an impulse buy and got me some Skulls…340 of them!
The Citadel skull kit is packed with all kinds of plastic skulls and even if most of the times the decoration of skulls on citadel miniatures is a topic for mock I have to confess that these come quite handy for bases and terrain.

There are other options on the market but none of them comes close in cheer diversity and the fact that these are plastic makes them the perfect companion for conversions. All in all Im happy with these and already have included them on some conversions.