Sunday, 30 November 2014

Spider Riders II

For my second regiment of spider riders I wanted them fitted with spears and with a gigantic spider for the champion.
Just like I did with the first unit I took some goblins from the arachnarok crew, lovely miniatures. For the champion gigantic spider I used something special and went with one of my old spider sculpts (done for otherworld miniatures) its a big spider with scary long legs.

Its a unit easy to built and for sure a blast to paint in the future...



Monday, 24 November 2014

Spider regiment I highlights

The spider riders models are indeed very nice but I wanted to create something a bit more special for  a few of them. So the champion and the musician were the candidates for a face lift and a bit of botox.

The Champion was based on the arachanarok crew because I wanted a champ worthy of some action, I mean the stock model is sitting down on the spider, I wanted him to look like he was actually challenging its adversary. The best bit about this was the spider, what a great surprise when I discovered a couple of them, by chance, at the bottom of my bitz bag... I believe its from reaper. The chunky big spider was just perfect.

The musician needed to have more charisma, again the stock model is a gobbo hitting a skull sitting on its spider... nopes! This fella definitely needed more music into his life and so I gave him a bit of greenstuf.

Next update the 2nd unit of spider riders.


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Spider Riders

Spider riders are an absolute must have!
I liked them so much that I decided to create two different units, one with arrows and the other with spears.
For the first regiment I went with full command with banner, musician, champ and 5 extra archers. A small  8 goblin unit but with lots of little conversions. 
I used mainly the Games Workshop spiders (wonderful kits) with one metal arachnid from reaper as the champ pet. For the forest goblins I mixed the arachnarok crew with some regular riders to create some more dynamic poses.
I went crazy with the musician because lets face it the stock model is a bit pants and I wanted something more dramatic.

Every goblin army should have these spider riders, they are really full of character and fun to built.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


For completion sake this unit will also have 3 fanatics.
I opted for the plastic ones for this regiment but I still  have the old metal models.  Later on I will add those to another unit in my army.
I think I need to find some metal bases for the metal variants, I know that warmachine had some metal bases versions. I need to have a look to see if the normal 25mm circular ones also have the metal option.

No conversions on these ones because I do really like how they are.

Next update some Spider riders.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Night goblins archers

This was the unit  that traveled all the way from Portugal to the UK with minimal damage, very resilient little fellas so I'm quite proud of them ( cannot say the same about my other minis).
Since then I have made some changes and swapped the previous unit filler with a nice river troll ( he has no head because its been painted separated and I'm testing some colours).
I find river trolls some of my fav minis and could not resist to add it in.
These 40 archers are backed up with some fire beetles on their ranks to make things more fun.

I mixed all kinds of plastic kits, from old Night Goblins to the new ones, I think the difference in size makes things so much more fun and interesting, last thing I want is an uniform and boring big unit of goblins...

I know 40ish gobbos of archers is OTT but hey I like big chunky units.

One thing that took me a bit more time to do was the strings on the bows, I never really liked the invisible bow string look. 
The regiment is packed with lots of little fun conversions and here are some that I picked from the bunch.
The snottling riding the gobbo, the champ and the fire beetles unit filler.

Thats it for now, the first unit for my army is ready modeling wise.

See you on the next update.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Bugobbos revealed.

Hello fellow hobbyists,

For the past year I have been slowly fleshing out an Orcs and Goblins army for my WFB collections.
The army will be mainly night goblins but with several orcs into the mix… Actually this army started some years ago before I had to move to the UK so it has been stored and travelling from one box to the other for some time now.
When I was unpacking stuff I noticed I had several minis broken but amazingly all my goblins except one resisted the move, resistant buggers hey!?
The theme is Bugs and Goblins so the Bugobbos were born.

For the next weeks until Christmas I will be taking pictures of the wip's I have, so keep an eye for some  bug madness.


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Lost in the dark

Hi fellow bug friends.

I have been off the blog and internet social life for more than one year now and many things have happened. Real life kept me on my toes and my attention was just for my family and work.
All the hobby sculpting projects I had for third-parties were canceled since I do not have the time for them anymore...Buglands site I had is no more and died during these dark times... but even if "lost in the dark" a little lantern of hope kept me going.

On really late nights in the literally few minutes per week I had for myself I have been sculpting selfishly an army which I will post here any day.

For now I would like to just update this blog with something I have seen on Coolminiornot, not only its very fine tuned with the subject of this post but its also something I'm kind of proud.

From the CMON artist Bailey03 one of the best paintjobs I have ever seen! TOP OSL! This guy kicked ass there.

The reason I'm also proud of this diorama is that the Spider there was actually sculpted by me for otherworld miniatures years ago! Talk about KARMA, this hobby is really rewarding and its a pleasure to see how talented people interpret your sculpts.
I leave you all with.


by Bailey03