Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Design

I created some new pages on this blog so that every reader can go right into the juicy parts without browsing all the entries in the blog History. The blog is getting big so hopefully this will simplify things.

So the first tab is Tutorials and it's a Hyperlinked menu to all the tuts and painting guides on this blog.

In the future I will add more pages, or if any reader has any suggestion feel free to post it.

Old Greens (BioPod)

I'm a couple days behind on my new greens as such  I uploaded here one old project  that I did a couple years ago... Its a big Biopod and looking under a new 15mm prespective I think I could use them as terrain for a alien planet or go silly and this would transport a full bug 15mm army to battle... Either way here it is.


The bits

The scale next to a 28mm... I can imagine a 15mm there. Huge pod!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Yoda in Dagobah using the force

STAR WARS is a never ending source of ideas for Modelling projects and for me personally it's one of the best scifi universes ever created... So thinking on Star Wars miniatures I always wanted to have one Master Yoda but the choices that I'm familiar with are not in a scale that interests me... the thing is my knowledge of old school Star Wars miniatures was limited and I was not aware of what has been done in the past... Ignorant about the force I was :)

So my new friends over the UK have huge collection of miniatures and guess what!? They have incredible collections of old Star Wars books, Art books, RPG's and Star Wars miniatures from a company I never heard before West Wind Games... They had every single miniature, I was in heaven! The scale is 20mm and yoda is like 15mm PERFECT, thats exactly what I'm looking for.

My friends not only had every single mini but they had several doubles or triples of the same minis so you can imagine how big the collections are but what was really mind-blowing is that they actually gifted me with one of the super rare little Yoda! How cool was that? This was the starting point for my next Painting project.

Looking at the mini pose I immediately imagined him on his home planet Dagobah teaching luke how to use the force by lifting the shuttle from the swamp… That will be my little diorama theme:

"For my ally is the Force."

Check the Youtube video for one of the most coolest Yoda moments.

So I started sculpting one little base for my Master Yoda with the Greenstuff leftovers from my commissions and the result so far is this...

The scale and the detail is terrific, specially for such an old miniature. It's going to be a challenge to paint this one.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Busy bee and new RPG Apocalypse World

Busy week sculpting 4 new projects simultaneously and they are planned to be completed this month, here's a rundown of whats on the table:

- Harook miniatures for Mad Robot Miniatures
- RPG big monster for Fractured Dimensions
- Huge bases of corpses fields for Secret Weapon Miniatures
- Another small 15mm diorama for myself with one super rare vintage miniature that was offered to me from my new friends old school collections.

Soon some pics.

Uffff, lots of stuff and I have more cool projects coming in, LOVE IT!

I also discovered something really special when dusting those really old White dwarfs mags... The cult is back and I'm brainstorming some new freaky projects for them, more about it on a future post.

And to close another epic week of strange hobby things, last night I was introduced to a new role-play game and we had a session over here with friends... I didn't play RPG's for something like 20 years?  But damn this setting is really addictive and the characters are awesome I picked up a Scavvyhead and I will terrorise every session with post apoc gadgets! This is really damn funny and it's pumping my creative juices . Check it out guys you will not regret it!


Oh its for the more adult players outhere.
Have fun!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Back to the past, the old GW magic is back.

For the past few weeks I have been looking at my friends old White dwarfs, Rulebooks and really old-school stuff from those days Gamesworkshop lured my attention for the first time.

It's such a good feeling to browse all those old mags that I had stored on my blurry memories, heck some of the things I'm looking at go even way back...

So just to share a bit of these cool findings and to inspire you fellow modellers to make some cool dioramas and armies based on these things I leave you some few photos of the old and most of the times forgotten artwork.

Here are the first few mags Im browsing.

And some of the SO COOL artwork

If you guys are a bit like me, just by looking at these pics I want to sculpt lots of new things, but what really makes me a very happy BUG MAN is:

Genestealer orks? YEAHHHHHH!

My head just exploded.

This is just some few random pics but in the future I will try to show more cool pics of more dusty artworks from GW past, until then happy modelling!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

More Corpses Fields bases

Following the previous set of Corpses Field Bases for Secret weapon Miniatures I was commissioned the task of sculpting the same theme but this time for those nice edged Privateer press type of bases.

Sculpted 4x 50mm, 5x 40mm and 10x 30mm, totalling 19 new Corpses Fields bases for the games that use them. Plenty of those today like Malifaux, Warmachine, Hordes, Mercs, Dark age, etc...

Sorry for the darkish pictures but I'm struggling with the new settings to take photos since all my lamp lights did not travel with me.

So, I'm I done with all these corpses visceral things? Nope! Still more to come...