Sunday, 19 February 2012

Yoda in Dagobah using the force

STAR WARS is a never ending source of ideas for Modelling projects and for me personally it's one of the best scifi universes ever created... So thinking on Star Wars miniatures I always wanted to have one Master Yoda but the choices that I'm familiar with are not in a scale that interests me... the thing is my knowledge of old school Star Wars miniatures was limited and I was not aware of what has been done in the past... Ignorant about the force I was :)

So my new friends over the UK have huge collection of miniatures and guess what!? They have incredible collections of old Star Wars books, Art books, RPG's and Star Wars miniatures from a company I never heard before West Wind Games... They had every single miniature, I was in heaven! The scale is 20mm and yoda is like 15mm PERFECT, thats exactly what I'm looking for.

My friends not only had every single mini but they had several doubles or triples of the same minis so you can imagine how big the collections are but what was really mind-blowing is that they actually gifted me with one of the super rare little Yoda! How cool was that? This was the starting point for my next Painting project.

Looking at the mini pose I immediately imagined him on his home planet Dagobah teaching luke how to use the force by lifting the shuttle from the swamp… That will be my little diorama theme:

"For my ally is the Force."

Check the Youtube video for one of the most coolest Yoda moments.

So I started sculpting one little base for my Master Yoda with the Greenstuff leftovers from my commissions and the result so far is this...

The scale and the detail is terrific, specially for such an old miniature. It's going to be a challenge to paint this one.


  1. Wow! Congratulations on scoring this amazing piece. I have a number of the old WEG Star Wars minis and they are a pleasure to paint, but also a challenge. They're definitely smaller than modern 28mm scale, and with very realistic proportions, and you got one of the smallest ones!

    As for the swamp base... yeah, it's up to your usual high standards. I look forward to seeing this one painted.

  2. Pedro,

    You should talk your friend into running the West End Star Wars RPG for you. It is a wonderful game with an amazingly flexible and fluid system that works perfectly for the sorts of action and adventure seen in the movies.

    The base for the miniature is stunning. Glad I'm not the only one who does fiddly little random things with leftover bits from sculpting projects.


  3. Yeah I was quite impressed by the size and the quality of the detail in yoda but also on all WEG Star Wars minis, just amazing and I don't know if I can do it justice with my paintjob.

    I have been reading the RPG and looks quite good! Good times.

  4. Eli - that copy of the SW RPG has also been autographed by Bib fortuna, C3PO, R2D2, Boba Fett and Chewbacca (and a couple of others) :-)
    I might run him a game, at the moment he's too busy scultping ;-) - and somewhere I have the miniatures battle rules anyway so....