Monday, 23 April 2012

SALUTE 2012 coverage Part 3 ( Gruntz, Mcvey, Black Hat, Ammon, painting...)

Salute was huge and I barely had time to cover some of the things that I really planned to, for example I wanted to play some Gruntz demos but I simply had NO time for it... between shopping, chatting with frothers, making new friends, meeting clients and taking some pics i only managed to scratch the surface of what was on display... crazy immense event... I leave you guys a small pictographic gallery of the things that got my camera attention... enjoy... Oh some new things there from Mcvey, black hat, gruntz tables, kallistra, ammon tank etc etc...

And since this is the BUG-Man blog I finish my reports with:

Sunday, 22 April 2012

SALUTE 2012 coverage Part 2 ( GZG and Critical Mass games)

The 15mm adventure at Salute2012 continues and this time with the two biggest 15mm scifi manufacturer's in the UK Ground Zero games and Critical Mass games.

I got to the Critical Mass really early in the day so I had room to take pics and explore and here are the pics of the boot...


I bought some goodies and when I was about to move away I have seen the new Mercs Vadorian assassins 2 needless to say that I got that blister, pics soon.


I got to the boot later in the day and it was literally packed! SO many people in a shopping frenzy... I only managed to take some pics.


These two boots took most of my money for the day.
More Salute reports to follow.