Sunday, 30 December 2018

Goodbye 2018

It was quite a busy year for me but most sculpts (5 waves worth of monsters) will only be revealed in 2019, lots of D&D monsters and Fungus… Hopefully the first months of 2019 will be packed with sculpting pictures.

In 2018 I did manage to finish up my last Ironjawz units and got into 40k again. I will try to build up my Primaris and Death Guard armies during the incoming year. It's going to be a mixed bag because I will, for the most part not convert/sculpt ( just the some bits I want to spice up will take some sculpting), so its more about painting nice minis than anything else.

On the sculpting front I'm already fleshing out 9 more sculpts but not sure yet to what will be next.

I don't post much of personal things on my Hobby blog but I'm a bit worried with Brexit so its like UK is in a hell of a weird warp storm…

This year I missed Salute which was a bit disappointing so will try to catch up in 2019 health permitting. I also failed into delivering a Tutorial of some sorts and I have a cool one involving sponges on the cards. So it's looking like a very promising start of the year. Will keep you all posted.

Cheers 2018.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Dark Imperium box set

Got a surprise loot this Christmas. Was not expecting it but a Dark Imperium box set landed under my tree.

I have seen loads of reviews and most agree this is quite the deal if you want to get into 40k, specially if you collect Primaris and Death Guard (which I do), but still I was not prepared for the full content of this Box.

Full hard cover Rulebook, Primaris booklet, Death Guard booklet, Plastic ruler, 12 dice, 53 Miniatures and Transfer sheet.

The box just feels polished to a collector degree, it's not the usual starter cheap box, its packed with books full of illustrations and very detailed miniatures.

The Design and print finish is to a high degree and if you are like me that likes attention to detail this will not disapoint. Once you open the box there is a 2nd black box which holds all the miniature sprues. There are so many sprues I don't even know where to start.

There are also 2x 24 pages booklets for both factions and again those have thick full colour pages with rules and artwork. The Rulebook is also there and it's the full thing, not a booklet or short version of the 40.000 rulebook. Rules, background and all kinds of nice things to grab you attention during a winter night on the sofa with Whisky.

The sprues themselves are mono pose and snap fit and they are split evenly between both armies.

1 Giant sprue, 2x big sprues and 1 medium sprue per each faction totalling 8 sprues! It is lots of plastic and good one too. The Snap fit has changed so much over the years and today I can say that the variety  of poses is so rich and the design so sharp that if you build these alongside with the multipart kits you will not be able to distinguish between them… its that good. Also mono pose on things like pox walkers is not a problem if you have like 10 different poses to choose from.
I will go over sprues and models in more detail as I build them in the future, for now check the plastic crack.

This set is a great value if you want to start these 2 armies and its probably the best starter set for any game that I have seen so far. Its affordable but the content is top quality materials, does not feel cheap or rushed in any way and it's a pleasure just to open the box and immediately feel immersed into this compelling universe. 

This will keep me busy for years to come.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018


One of the things I wish is that I had more time for is the hobby. Many times I just get stuck with work and life in general. When I do find it I spend it sculpting commissions which reduces it even further. Cannot complain really because it's the way things are… although I will open a new section on this blog just for me and my time. A place where I can just drift away and do what I want to do. Welcome to Hammertime and for starters I will concentrate on fleshing out Death Guard and Primaris Space Wolves from Citadel.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Corrupted Myconid The Thrasher.

One of the first complete sculpts for the upcoming Fungi Kickstarter is The Thrasher.
Scale wise it fits a 25mm base so not that big, due to its hunched pose is no bigger than 28mm.

Fungi Kickstarter more details

One of the interesting twists of this Fungi Kickstarter is that all the Fungi Folk will face a corrupted version to themselves. Here you can find the Myconid and their demonic altered feral selfs.

Mortal Arrow Kickstarter for 2019

Last week Mortal Arrow announced on FB the upcoming Myconid Kickstarter.

Here is the official post:

"Mortal Arrow LLC
9 December at 14:46 ·
Mortal Arrow has partnered with Pedro Navarro for our second Kickstarter project. You might know Pedro as a sculptor extraordinaire of things slimy, buggy and alien. Titled the Warren of Vile Fungi, Pedro will be tapping his creative juices and impressive skills to sculpt dozens of fungal-based miniatures. We feel this segment of fantasy RPG is under-represented and there are so many fun and terrifying places to go. Here’s a quick introduction to the two core sets – good and evil mushroom folk. Please take a look at the concept art below and let me know what you think. I’ll be posting more artwork, sculpts (there are already over a dozen created) and painted prototypes as progress continues. We expect to launch this project in 2019."

Expect many more updates very soon.


The last of this Myconid lot is The Rasper.

Once a Sorcerer Myconid this creature has mutated beyond any other Myconid, his body blended with centipede segmented chitinous carapace and possess an extremely poisonous sting.

Surely playing with Myconid magic is a dangerous task even for the most experienced…

The Rasper


The Tosser head cup is full of  digestive acids that will melt any organic material, by having the hands in the form of crude spoons he would project handfulls of acids towards its enemies.
This creature can also vomit those same acids if need be.
Think aliens acid blood.

The Tosser

Friday, 14 December 2018


The Stabber concept idea was quite simplistic at first. I only wanted to do one Myconid on its natural habitat near a tree or growing on the tree bark.
So I imagined that this corrupted Myconid developed the perfect camouflage by having long bark like arms that looked like branches and would ambush unaware travellers who would come to close.
Frail yet quite deadly and stealthy.

The Stabber

Thursday, 13 December 2018


The Mauler concept was quite challenging to do since I wanted to achieve something brutal and evil at the same time.

The idea is that a Barbarian Myconid got corrupted in a way that the heavy weapons were replaced by fused crystal maced arms, as for the evil aspect of this creature it lost his eyes and is totally blind… only his dark senses will guide him.

I see this creature swirling out of control his multiple corrupted crystal arms in a savage way.

The Mauler

Wednesday, 12 December 2018


One of the first concepts done for this project was the Thrasher.
Some elongated arms turned into spiky vines and the giant mushroom head that fused into the torso are some of the main features for this Corrupted Myconid.

Pleased to say that this miniature is already sculpted and finished from a creative stand point.

The Thrasher

Sunday, 9 December 2018

MYCONID SORCERER Concept art (5 of 5)

Myconid magic is powerful and full of shamanism. Old spells are numerous and can only be kept in magical scrolls. The sorcerer uses magical crystals and rare crystal orbs to unleash formidable spells and healing. Only the oldest of Myconid can hold the secrets of this fungal magic.

Myconid Sorcerer

MYCONID RANGER Concept art (4 of 10)

Deep in the forests Myconid rangers scout ahead and detect potential enemies. This allows the Myconids a tactical advantage. Even if stealthy they can be quite offensive with an array of weapons, the throwing javelin is the most favoured one.

Will be sculpted with different weapons and objects.

Myconid Ranger

MYCONID WHIPMASTER Concept art (3 of 10)

Fungal folk do need to keep feral beasts away from their mushroom farms. With crystal embedded whips they are a mid range menace to anything that dares to venture too close to them. The Whipmaster  joins the myconid heroes protecting others from a distance.
Will be sculpted with different weapons and objects and the whip will be slightly different with some crystals attached to them.

Myconid Whipmaster

MYCONID MONK Concept art (2 of10)

Another Myconid folk hero is selected to help out in the war against the corrupted Myconid demons.
It will be sculpted with alternative hands with different weapons and objects. I tried to capture some of the ancient Egyptian design even if fungal people prefer humidity.

Myconid Monk

MYCONID BARBARIAN concept art (1 of 10)

Hello guys, this year I have been sculpting loads of unrevealed miniatures and brainstorming/doing concept art for even more sculpts.

I  now have the green flag to reveal some of the concept art that I created. These are to be sculpted and some already are.

Myconid Barbarian

So I will be doing some Fungal folk and demons for an upcoming Kickstarter (more details soon). The Myconid Barbarian has a double hand mace and he is quite bulky and strong for a Myconid. 
Clearly the warrior of the fungal folk.