Sunday, 30 December 2018

Goodbye 2018

It was quite a busy year for me but most sculpts (5 waves worth of monsters) will only be revealed in 2019, lots of D&D monsters and Fungus… Hopefully the first months of 2019 will be packed with sculpting pictures.

In 2018 I did manage to finish up my last Ironjawz units and got into 40k again. I will try to build up my Primaris and Death Guard armies during the incoming year. It's going to be a mixed bag because I will, for the most part not convert/sculpt ( just the some bits I want to spice up will take some sculpting), so its more about painting nice minis than anything else.

On the sculpting front I'm already fleshing out 9 more sculpts but not sure yet to what will be next.

I don't post much of personal things on my Hobby blog but I'm a bit worried with Brexit so its like UK is in a hell of a weird warp storm…

This year I missed Salute which was a bit disappointing so will try to catch up in 2019 health permitting. I also failed into delivering a Tutorial of some sorts and I have a cool one involving sponges on the cards. So it's looking like a very promising start of the year. Will keep you all posted.

Cheers 2018.


  1. Great to see you prospering, Nav.
    I remember back while CofC was still alive you migrating, preparing drop zone for the rest of the family etc - WELL DONE!

    And don't worry about brexit:
    no matter what those arseheads decide to do, they won't risk messing with top bug-sculptor on the island ;-)

    1. Thanks man it has been a crazy and long journey indeed… I'm glad to see that both of us are still here pushing models regardless of "life".
      As for Brexit its one of those cases of politicians screwing up a country… It just really depends how far they will take it.
      All things aside I wish you a great 2019 man and may we still be around for at least another decade.

    2. Let's just just both of us hope to see (read) another alive next year.

  2. You've definitely produced some stunning sculpts this year, Mr. Navarro! I always enjoy seeing something new and slimy pop up in my blog feed :D Happy New Year!

    1. A Great year to you too Allison, it's always a pleasure to have you around and also watching your painting blog unfold :)
      Hope to paint something and keep on adding more to the weird sculpts list.