Monday, 20 June 2016

Vinegaroons/Whip Scorpions

Vinegaroons or Whip Scorpions are arachnids that walk on 6 legs because they have adapted their 2 front legs to antenna like sensory organs. Unlike common scorpions that use their tails to inject some good stuff into your blood the Vinegaroons spray some vinegar smelling concoction instead. Their main weapons are the fearsome crunching claws, which are quite short and stubby.

I was commissioned by Mortal Arrow Miniatures (which just opened a new LINK along with this new project) to sculpt this scary Scorpion. This was the result.

Its an easy 4 part kit.


Bits assembly.

I really liked this one because it allowed me to learn more about a not so common Scorpion. This is a project I will be involved with for the next months, many insects to study.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Hell Slugs Concept art

While researching for my Colossal Slug sculpt I ended up creating some concept art so that I could put on paper the ideas I had in my mind. Generated plenty of hellish concepts and weird mutated sneaky slugs.

Not sure the ones I prefer so far since I really want to sculpt them all, so I'm a bit undecided regarding which ones will move from the paper into the my tabletop arena.

Next batch will be sculpted at medium sized slugs so considerably smaller than my previous Colossal Slug.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Colossal Slug

Snails and Slugs have been keeping me busy and I would dare to say that this is the year of the Gastropods.

So about 1 month ago I got a commission from Otherworld miniatures that was just about the type of thing I do love to sculpt. The Colossal Slug!
Currently Otherworld has one huge slug on their range but they wanted something a bit more modern and fantasy like detailed to replace it.

My commission was quite simple, create a HUGE memorable fantastic Slug to replace the old one.

This is what I came up with.

The underside also has textured skin

Some more details close ups.

The kit will have 3 pieces consisting on main body and 2 pairs of eyes.

So how big is this Slug? Its Colossal!

This Slug is quite the centerpiece for any adventure and was a nice piece to sculpt but is this the end for the Slugs and Snails in therms of projects? Quite the contrary, hang in there because during this weekend I will post concept art of what I intend to sculpt. Plenty of more Mollusca coming soon...

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Arachnarok is back

Age of Sigmar is going stronger and stronger a bit all over the place, so its time to bring some of my big boys to this new age.

Previously my Arachnarok was set on a rectangular base and with no riders, so now for AoS I introduced some jazz. Still not a fan of loads of gobbos on top of it so I went with just one Shaman. The base now is also a huge circular and in my opinion it complements the spider a lot better.

Another rebased figure and Im getting closer to finish up all this rebasing and  changing things on my old army.