Monday, 20 June 2016

Vinegaroons/Whip Scorpions

Vinegaroons or Whip Scorpions are arachnids that walk on 6 legs because they have adapted their 2 front legs to antenna like sensory organs. Unlike common scorpions that use their tails to inject some good stuff into your blood the Vinegaroons spray some vinegar smelling concoction instead. Their main weapons are the fearsome crunching claws, which are quite short and stubby.

I was commissioned by Mortal Arrow Miniatures (which just opened a new LINK along with this new project) to sculpt this scary Scorpion. This was the result.

Its an easy 4 part kit.


Bits assembly.

I really liked this one because it allowed me to learn more about a not so common Scorpion. This is a project I will be involved with for the next months, many insects to study.


  1. Naaasty! :D
    Can't wait to see it painted.

    By the way - great idea with the bug-logo :)

    1. Going to have 7 of them on my goblin army ;D

      I always wanted to have one logo for my mini projects, so finally managed to take some time to do one. Thanks!

    2. I should finally commission one for myself.
      Waiting for more! :D

  2. He's a brute. Nicely done.

  3. Another great arthropod! You really have an amazing talent for these.

    I'm glad that you are working in the gaming miniatures industry, for obvious reasons. But have you ever considered or have you ever done sculpting in any other genre? I'm thinking of companies like Schleich, the ones who do those amazingly accurate toy animals.

  4. I never really considered that option, I think it was more natural for me to sculpt for an industry that I have roots in rather than searching for clients in the toy industry. Its a good idea, thanks, and I have heard that the toy industry pays better.


    1. Keep in mind I'm speaking from a position of total ignorance about how they operate ;)