Monday, 31 August 2015

Eldar Phantom Titan (armourcast)

The year was 2007 and I had accepted what was to be my biggest sculpting challenge to date.

The project was to work on the original Eldar Phantom Titan from armourcast and make it more modern and detailed. A few weeks later I doodled some concept art for it and the client approved a very ambitious design. Not only I needed to redecorate all of it but a huge display base was needed too and to make things even more complex we decided to repose the legs.

2 years later, yes you read it right this took me 2 years of strong sculpting, the project was finally finished. This was a very special project for me and the ultimate test to my endurance, I will not repeat such a thing though for sanity sake.

Raw data for the Titan. Its 61 cm/24 inches/2 ft tall and weights 10 Kg/22 lb


A lot of me went into this work and in the end I was a different sculptor. Hope you enjoyed this back to past post. Have a good holiday.