Saturday, 20 January 2018

Spaceship deck bases

First batch of bases ready to take some minis.
I got carried away with the volumes but I have not painted in a long time so I took the time to enjoy and get back into it.

Picked some warm colours so that they have a good contrast with the grey blue miniatures I have in mind. Feels good to paint some things again!

Friday, 19 January 2018

Scratch-built Spaceship deck bases

New year, new army is pretty much the curse of any tabletop gamer or miniature collector.
Got some new projects to develop this year and started planing and preparing some bases to go with them.
The most difficult part of basing is figuring out the theme that you want to go with and stick to it. After much back and forth I went with Spaceship deck bases in warm colours to contrast with the minis.

Used loads of bits and kits that I had on my bits box and some greenstuff and did these.

Ready to paint.

The bases are pretty much as flat as they can get so that I can stick any figure with little hassle. I will build the volumes with colour gradients.

First batch done.

Its been a while since I did things just for myself but this year one of the main goals is to balance a bit better the commission work vs hobby work. 
Wish me luck

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Tyranid Biodiversity Tau Hybrid

Around March 2006 I was sculpting some alien figures for my own private collection. More than a decade later I would not imagine that this specific sculpt would still actually be a point of interest big enough to have it spin cast and reproduced in metal for some friends. I do sometimes wonder the longevity of the pieces I have done so long ago.

Now with so many I will repose and convert some to finally have a unit of 5 Tau Genestealer hybrids.