Sunday, 14 January 2018

Tyranid Biodiversity Tau Hybrid

Around March 2006 I was sculpting some alien figures for my own private collection. More than a decade later I would not imagine that this specific sculpt would still actually be a point of interest big enough to have it spin cast and reproduced in metal for some friends. I do sometimes wonder the longevity of the pieces I have done so long ago.

Now with so many I will repose and convert some to finally have a unit of 5 Tau Genestealer hybrids.


  1. Wow, that is great! It is interesting to see a hybrid without clothes on, as you can see how it is more alien than... er alien. I guess meaning more Tyranid than Tau in this case!

    A small group of these with Tau clothing and equipment would be amazing.

    1. I think I will make them more like purestrains of tau air cast hybrids with no gear or clothes. A unit of 5 scouting for new prey should look quite distinct.