Friday, 22 January 2016

Official Demonic Handmaiden sneak peak

Just got a picture of the official release for the Demonic Handmaiden that I sculpted for Otherworld miniatures.
As usual their paintjobs are awesome!


Friday, 15 January 2016

Colour ideas for the Rock Giant

Hi all,

Things have been busy on the sculpting front since I took some commissions for this year, so soon enough I will post some greens here.

In the meanwhile I have great news for the Rock Giant sculpt. Many people expressed the interest on having a copy of this mini and some manufacturers too. So I'm pleased to say that the Giant was sold to Otherworld Miniatures and will soon be casted, so start preparing your brushes! Yay!

The cool thing about this mini is that depending on how you choose to paint you can end up with a completely different creature.

I have been playing a bit with colours on Photoshop.

Rock Giant

Ice Giant

Lava Obsidian Giant

Crystal Giant

Until next time have a great weekend...

Friday, 1 January 2016

Rock Lobber

To start the new year rocking I finished up what is to be the crew for my Age of Sigmar rock lobber.

Not going to lie but I never liked any of the O&G war machines model wise and the fact that most these days are in Finecast (a material I refuse to buy in any shape or form) sealed the deal for me. Redo, sculpt or convert all my war machines.

A few months back I finished up an conversion of the Doom diver and now I basically sculpted a huge rock giant to stand in as my rock lobber.

Here you go.

The full crew with the bully.

Little conversions going on with the Savage goblins with pick axes, but nothing ambitious.
Only need to sort out a few things before I call this project complete, I will need another rock lobba in a different position and get them some big bases, but for now its done. Happy 2016 all.