Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Noble Armada ships

Me and my buddies are starting to have a huge interest in space ship dogfights games specially after we had a gaming night with GZG Full Thrust rules... in short Brilliant game!
So, yet again, you see me introducing another random project to the mix. I know what most of you are thinking ( bugman will sculpt some ships) and yes that's right I will make one bug fleet for me but since I don't have much time atm I will buy a small fleet from various manufacturers to speed up things.
Here's the first.

Mongoose Publishing

I picked up some Nobe Armada ships and this is my small review.

Mantis Frigate

Got one blister with 5 little ships and let me just say that It took just a couple days to get here  so good service from Mongoose chaps.

Here's a pic of the contents... I never managed to find out the exact size of these on the official site so here's a tape measure next to the goods... around 3cm wing span... good size for frigates.

The bases have some little hubs that can make things easier for storing etc but to be honest I prefer the stands without all those shenanigans and as such I kept it simples.

The casting is not the cleanest but sharp enough, the price not the cheapest but after checking the detail and size its ok I guess. Since its popular to give notes to things these days I give it a fat 8 out of 10...

Monday, 28 May 2012

BAEL sculpt for fractured dimensions

WOHOOO well this one was a blast! I Loved sculpting this big 40mm Bael demon for Fractured Dimensions Miniatures.

The arms are bluetaced because they will be casted separated from the mini... This got to be one of my fav sculpts of the year so far, not because of the theme but because I tried to catch movement and I almost managed that... great experience.

BAEL 40mm

Now I need to catch up some other projects I have on my table... sooooo crazy month, I still don't understand how I manage to find time to sculpt these days but damn if I will not do my best to sculpt every possible minute that I can.

Random sculpt for private collector

Well, the second half of this month has been short of news over here on the bug man blog but in my real life nest it has been quite epic...

The real life job is keeping me busy and the fellas there are enjoying my work so we are negotiating contract there... Also I picked up my backpack and travelled back home for one weekend to check my bugling and bug queen I miss them!!!!! In the process I returned with some of my 15mm collections and almost 10 kilos, or should I say litros, of my vallejos paints!

On the sculpting side of things finished some random crazy project... sculpted in Fimo and greenstuff ... its something for a private collector a sad unicorn bust?... well, interesting experience but not something I would like to do again... to cute and strange for my bug tastes.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Milton Keynes Wargaming 2012

Today I attended Milton Keynes Wargame 2012 event... for those not familiar with this even you can read more details on their site at Milton Keynes Wargames event 2012

Lots of demos, wargames, manufacturers and above all it was great to meet some of the people we usually talk just online. Great Sunday for a bunch of geeks like me and my friend who love all things wargames.
Since I'm not good with words here's a little foto report of all the shiny things and goodies you could find there.

Nice tables and  games packed with demos, participation games comps etc...

Lots of historical games in tons of scales but since I'm mostly a fantasy fan here's a couple of manufacturers that produce nice kits for your fantasy games:

Crooked dice
Brilliant settings, demo table, miniatures, original pulp 70's cheesy crazy minis in a word FUN!

And since I'm on a 15mm scifi trip I got these crabs from crooked dice and I will convert them for my 15mm's scifi stuff


Well, these got to be the BEST terrain for Infinity fans who want a modern modular scifi cheap, awesome terrain for their games hehe... some of these pieces you can even use them in 15mm... also some NEW shiny things at the show, check it out.

I love this one

Not released yet but IMO the highlight of Warmill today

Check out the interiors!

And my friends that's it, a perfect sunny Sunday wargaming.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Salute loot 15mm madness

Salute was great and I tried not to overspend money and concentrate only on 15mm purchases... unfortunately I overspend :)

Here's a rundown of the precious shiny things I got for my 15mm's collections, GZG, Antenocitti, Critical Mass, Hasslefree and Black Hat minis...

For me the plan was to get some Critical Mass mercs and some GZG Vacc suits but some surprises along the way made me go a bit further than expected...
One of the surprises was the Critical mass new Merc blister I could not believe it when by pure chance before checking out with several merc blistes I spotted the new vadorian Assassins #2 mercs... sweet! Gotcha.

On GZG I made lots of wild purchases... the vacc suits as planned and then tons of blisters of NAC's... started with the new awesome casualties blister and ended up with a ton of NAC's, then went for the orcs, drones, UNSC a bunch of goodies. 
Antenocitti had some great vehicles but I was completely amazed with the sharpness of the casting so ...bam!

Got the Black Hat not Star Wars 15mm's and then I could not resist getting one ( make that 4) 28mm's the Hasslefree not jedi kids...

Finally some free minis from Salute Lted and then some sprues here a mini there a total of something around 160 new minis and most of them 15mm's... I'm covered for the rest of the year now... Not!
Great event... now to start saving for next year and in the meanwhile get some Khurasan's awesome 15mm's.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Space Corridor Batch2

More terrain for Fenris Games space corridors...


And if you think this is a lot of corridors and rooms here's a glimpse of Batch3