Monday, 28 May 2012

Random sculpt for private collector

Well, the second half of this month has been short of news over here on the bug man blog but in my real life nest it has been quite epic...

The real life job is keeping me busy and the fellas there are enjoying my work so we are negotiating contract there... Also I picked up my backpack and travelled back home for one weekend to check my bugling and bug queen I miss them!!!!! In the process I returned with some of my 15mm collections and almost 10 kilos, or should I say litros, of my vallejos paints!

On the sculpting side of things finished some random crazy project... sculpted in Fimo and greenstuff ... its something for a private collector a sad unicorn bust?... well, interesting experience but not something I would like to do again... to cute and strange for my bug tastes.

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