Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Noble Armada ships

Me and my buddies are starting to have a huge interest in space ship dogfights games specially after we had a gaming night with GZG Full Thrust rules... in short Brilliant game!
So, yet again, you see me introducing another random project to the mix. I know what most of you are thinking ( bugman will sculpt some ships) and yes that's right I will make one bug fleet for me but since I don't have much time atm I will buy a small fleet from various manufacturers to speed up things.
Here's the first.

Mongoose Publishing

I picked up some Nobe Armada ships and this is my small review.

Mantis Frigate

Got one blister with 5 little ships and let me just say that It took just a couple days to get here  so good service from Mongoose chaps.

Here's a pic of the contents... I never managed to find out the exact size of these on the official site so here's a tape measure next to the goods... around 3cm wing span... good size for frigates.

The bases have some little hubs that can make things easier for storing etc but to be honest I prefer the stands without all those shenanigans and as such I kept it simples.

The casting is not the cleanest but sharp enough, the price not the cheapest but after checking the detail and size its ok I guess. Since its popular to give notes to things these days I give it a fat 8 out of 10...


  1. Those are kind of mean-looking, and with a little work they'd proxy Kilrathi nicely ;)

  2. They're good miniatures BUT be warned. The mouldmaker/designers have absolutely no concept of "centre of gravity". You'll need to drill a new hole for the base on many of the larger ships unless you want them taking a nose-dive. Someone at Mongoose seems to think Centre of Gravity=Centre of mini.

  3. So, somebody at Mongoose never made model jet airplanes and had to stuff the nose with pennies and fishing weights to make them sit properly on their landing gear...?

  4. Funny enough I have that exact same problem with my latest firestrom armada ship... I had to put another peg on the front of the ship because it was way to front heavy... will post review in a couple days.