Sunday, 13 May 2012

Milton Keynes Wargaming 2012

Today I attended Milton Keynes Wargame 2012 event... for those not familiar with this even you can read more details on their site at Milton Keynes Wargames event 2012

Lots of demos, wargames, manufacturers and above all it was great to meet some of the people we usually talk just online. Great Sunday for a bunch of geeks like me and my friend who love all things wargames.
Since I'm not good with words here's a little foto report of all the shiny things and goodies you could find there.

Nice tables and  games packed with demos, participation games comps etc...

Lots of historical games in tons of scales but since I'm mostly a fantasy fan here's a couple of manufacturers that produce nice kits for your fantasy games:

Crooked dice
Brilliant settings, demo table, miniatures, original pulp 70's cheesy crazy minis in a word FUN!

And since I'm on a 15mm scifi trip I got these crabs from crooked dice and I will convert them for my 15mm's scifi stuff


Well, these got to be the BEST terrain for Infinity fans who want a modern modular scifi cheap, awesome terrain for their games hehe... some of these pieces you can even use them in 15mm... also some NEW shiny things at the show, check it out.

I love this one

Not released yet but IMO the highlight of Warmill today

Check out the interiors!

And my friends that's it, a perfect sunny Sunday wargaming.

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