Monday, 7 May 2012

Salute loot 15mm madness

Salute was great and I tried not to overspend money and concentrate only on 15mm purchases... unfortunately I overspend :)

Here's a rundown of the precious shiny things I got for my 15mm's collections, GZG, Antenocitti, Critical Mass, Hasslefree and Black Hat minis...

For me the plan was to get some Critical Mass mercs and some GZG Vacc suits but some surprises along the way made me go a bit further than expected...
One of the surprises was the Critical mass new Merc blister I could not believe it when by pure chance before checking out with several merc blistes I spotted the new vadorian Assassins #2 mercs... sweet! Gotcha.

On GZG I made lots of wild purchases... the vacc suits as planned and then tons of blisters of NAC's... started with the new awesome casualties blister and ended up with a ton of NAC's, then went for the orcs, drones, UNSC a bunch of goodies. 
Antenocitti had some great vehicles but I was completely amazed with the sharpness of the casting so ...bam!

Got the Black Hat not Star Wars 15mm's and then I could not resist getting one ( make that 4) 28mm's the Hasslefree not jedi kids...

Finally some free minis from Salute Lted and then some sprues here a mini there a total of something around 160 new minis and most of them 15mm's... I'm covered for the rest of the year now... Not!
Great event... now to start saving for next year and in the meanwhile get some Khurasan's awesome 15mm's.


  1. Wow, you went bananas! I too am jealous, but If I really craved this stuff I guess I could just order it. I'd love to be able to shop for 15 mm in person though.

  2. Its also a lot cheaper to buy at salute because if you buy stuff in 2 or 3 diferent online rstores the shipping costs stat to accumulate but at salute you dont pay shipping ;)

  3. Overspending......ah well, you're only human, and we all do it at shows......don't we?!