Monday, 28 May 2012

BAEL sculpt for fractured dimensions

WOHOOO well this one was a blast! I Loved sculpting this big 40mm Bael demon for Fractured Dimensions Miniatures.

The arms are bluetaced because they will be casted separated from the mini... This got to be one of my fav sculpts of the year so far, not because of the theme but because I tried to catch movement and I almost managed that... great experience.

BAEL 40mm

Now I need to catch up some other projects I have on my table... sooooo crazy month, I still don't understand how I manage to find time to sculpt these days but damn if I will not do my best to sculpt every possible minute that I can.


  1. The cloak is great! I'd say you definitely captured movement. I also like the typical "good guy style" plate armour, on a demon.

  2. You keep amazing with your grest range of skill. :)
    Symbio Joe

  3. Thank you guys and long time no see Symbio. :)