Monday, 16 September 2019

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Summer doodle The Stinkers

Not much done hobbywise this summer holidays, but the dead time at the airport allowed me to doodle some stinky things.

Papa Nurgle's:

 The Stinkers

Deathguard Drone myphitic blight hauler

Got time for another small hobby break and cleaned up a myphitic blight hauler. Added some bits and shave off others to make it less samey. Also did the base for it.


Sunday, 30 June 2019

Ant queen promo pictures

Just a quick post.

It's a promotional picture of the Queen Ant I did a while ago. All painted and in a nice set up.
This has to be one of most enjoyable parts of my hobby, checking what people do with my sculpts.


Friday, 28 June 2019

Myconid Tosser

The Myconid Tosser sculpture was complete some time ago but I never had the time to upload it so here it goes. From concept to finished green.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Myconid the Rasper

Half centipede half Myconid this Mushroom devil was a challenge to sculpt.  Multipart so its easy to cast and also making it in a way that the joining parts are not noticeable. Kind of a favourite for me since it has insectoid parts.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Scratch build 25mm Space deck bases

Got some time past bank holidays and decided to clean 20x Poxwalkers minis and in the process got carried away with some 25mm bases for them.

I continued with a techno spacehulkish theme. I just used a few leftovers bits that I had around and greenstuff. Most important thing I wanted with these small bases is that they layed out mostly flat even if detailed.

This is what I have come up with.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Easter drawings 2019

I usually do some Easter egg hunting for my kids and this year attached to the eggs I glued some of my little drawings. My son and daughter have a big age gap so I had to do different styles and themes for both. 

For the youngest I did some bunnies.

 For my son since he is into Fortnite gaming, I did one of his favourite characters.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Salute 2019 Conclusion

The day at Salute ended and was time to head back home. Packs of generals, mercenaries and outlanders drifted away into the night of post apocalyptic London. It was a good day with shared experiences, tabletop battles and replenished supplies.

This year Salute delivered on its promises in all fronts but there was a strange tension in the air. The industry is changing too.

The good bit about Salute is meeting up with people, make new friends and discover new projects to get involved with. Buy some games & minis is also quite a thing in itself since you can have some really big loot for a fraction of the price if your clever about it.
Managed to do all that and since I did not attend it last year I did miss the buzz . Its like a yearly build up to the day, my once a year fix.
There were plenty of stands that I really enjoyed, many could argue you can check all of that online but   it's not true. You need to be there to see it! 
IRL some minis look awesome online but once you hold them nah, do nothing for you while others are less attractive online but sneak into your collection just because they are awesome… not even talking about minis not present online, plenty of those too.

The games demos to experience at Salute is another thing you cannot check online, dozens of demos will spice up even the most veteran gamer. Some games are Salute exclusive too. SO much fun to be had on these tables. Brexit table rocked and I loved a space hulk table on the show. Good stuff.

Painting Competitions and the speed painting table for people just to mess around with are quite popular too. You can also have chats with the painting studios there and check the brush specialists stores for the best brush for your project. Plinths, terrain, flocks & supplies for your dioramas or tables will keep hobbyists busy.

Glad to see small projects growing bigger each year and some new companies with clever ideas and minis debut. 

The Bad this year was a clear decline of some big brands, most of the products for these were on heavy discounts bins and not moving. There is a shift from bigger companies to smaller ones which is ok as long as those big games don't perish along the way… Privateer Warmachine, Wyrd, Flames of War, Dark age are in a very bad place.
Annoying to see some companies with just leaflets and renders or prototypes and a card saying I will have a kick-starter soon… Really? I personally don't do KS so yeah with nothing to sell I will just move along elsewhere even if your product is potentially the best thing since sliced bread. Missed chance.
The industry is moving heavy into boardgames and kick-starters… nothing wrong with it but Im mostly a tabletop wargaming/collector guy and sculptor so yup not for me. Theres a reason I don't attend boardgames events…
Speaking of sculpting another trend is growing stronger… classic sculpting is fading away giving space to Zbrush renders. More into that in another blog post.

The Ugly There was a strange tension in the air this year and some EU companies did not attend like Freebooter. I think Brexit did loom over everyone and people seem less exited and prone to just enjoy. Unlike other years some stands were having an early packing in 1 hour  before the doors closed… that's just not right. The Biggest player GW did not attend not even Forgeworld. 
My camera died halfway through the event so I only managed to cover a small portion of what I usually do, that sucks!

The End Like in any post apocalyptic setting, Salute is like a pocket of resistance and bunker of hope on an Industry moving away from the classical into the "modernity".  I believe there is space for all… for medium, small and big companies and also for traditional products and trendy online virtuality, after all they are just different paths to your enjoyment. 

Salute 2019 was good but could have been great.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Salute 2019 Part6

Salute is all about having fun and the following stand is simply just that! Fun and pure quality minis that keep you coming back for more. For sure this was one of my favourite stands this year.

It's difficult to describe when something just feels right but Northumbrian Miniatures with their Nightfolk miniatures range just does it for me.

I first discovered this company a couple years ago at Salute. Back then they had released their miniatures and was amazing to see the style and quality for such new range. But above all was the business vision behind it, I mean no kick-starters, 3d print, renders. It was what its supposed to be, good product finished and ready to be sold … a few years down the line and they are doing it better, its to no surprise that I'm always positively impressed to see the new releases.

The thing I love about this hobby is finding minis that make me smile, the "problem" with Nightfolk  is that almost every singe one of them do that. These miniatures are for the most part one piece of white metal with an old school vibe but still quite fresh concept wise.

The stand has increased its footprint in comparison with previous years and now displays plenty of old but also new blisters.

 The man itself, his expression says it all. I always like to stop for 5 or so minutes and have a little chat, I don't want to take too much time from him away from business, but I feel we could talk for hours about the hobby.

The old range keeps on growing and growing…

 I did not attend last year when these bird men and evil gnomes were released… so yeah they just had to be part of my collection. See when I say minis that make you smile :D Pure genius.

To  keep up with momentum they released the new box set for Nightfolk! The guardians of the Riverbank has 2 factions, 10 minis and dices and I believe they were quite popular. A clever use of Salute hype and new releases.

A couple more official pictures with clearer images of the gnomes and crow, from last year, that got into my loot bag and made me happy.

My favourite miniature of all  show was this gnome.

It's so rewarding to see a small company that took the risk and invested their own funds to produce such nice miniatures growing each year. This for me is the classical example everyone should aim for and as far as I can I will support it.
Traditionally sculpted one piece miniatures, clever design cast in heavy white metal that keeps all the detail sharp, positive attitude, always new things to check out and miniatures that put a BIG smile in your face.

This is the real deal.