Monday, 26 December 2011

The "Houston, we have a problem" diorama is finished

Aliens movies are a major reference for me and my hobby, I always find something to inspire my Sci Fi settings and miniatures in those movies and THE master H. R. Giger works always guide my imaginary into a world of delight.

Going back to when Kane got a facehugger kiss on the first Aliens movie it was one of the most memorable moments for me, so I tried to make this diorama a couple minutes prior to the facehugger attack when they discover the Aliens eggs.

The miniature is from Ground Zero Games and its 15mm, so its my first try on making dioramas in these small scales... I also took the chance to try to paint something a bit different with some drastic lightning effects hoping to catch the darkish feeling of the movie and that tense scene.

Diorama scale picture next to a 28mm

I really enjoyed working on one of my favorite themes and in 15mm, the biggest drawback for me when doing dioramas in 28mm's is that they really take a lot of space in storing and after you do 2 or 3 you start to be a bit stressed about the room in your display... in 15mm there's no such problems as such I now want to create LOTS of little 15mm dioramas :)
For now I hope Frothers community enjoys this one.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Its that time of the year that we spend money and make a small retrospective of the full year...

This year on the hobby side of things it was really rewarding for me, I entered the 15mm arena with both feet and sculpted some little fellas. I think the quality of this scale is growing very fast and very soon we will see 15mm comparable to some 28mm's.

On the 28mm front I had to box some minis because I'm going to travel, so the 28mm collections are on hold until I get a place to unload all of them, but I managed to sculpt a lot and for many clients.
I will make my sculpting studio airborne and portable so that I can sculpt anywhere I land.

Currently I have 5 big projects on my sculpting table and they are both for 15mm and 28mm so I'm a busy busy bee atm.

On a personal level everything changed for me and I just entered the biggest adventure of my life, I packed all my bug things and will migrate to another country to start up a new life!

So dear hobby friends, sculptors, painters, astronauts, bug enthusiasts, miniatures producers, stalkers, buggers and figs addicts... all of you and your families I say:

Eat, Drink and be Merry!

Mr. Bug-Man

Monday, 19 December 2011

"Houston, we have a problem"

Sculpting for others is great because you try different things but sometimes you need to find the time to do something for yourself and this latest project it's just that, a little gift for myself in this Christmas season.

I never enter contests of any sort, either online or local, not because I have something against them it's just because I never have the time off to complete such challenges or because, locally, I'm involved in judging or organizing such contests.
To break the cycle I'm going to do something for myself and also participate on a online painting contest in one of the most if not THE most crazy, fun community I'm a part of.

Everyone is going to pimp their best 28mm's but I'm going to kick some ass with some 15mm's eheheh Seriously good painters there and I'm more a sculptor than painter but they have no chance against a 15mm GZG astronaut! XD

So enough with the talk and lets see some pics of my thing so far.

"FROTHERS, we have a problem"

The theme is a joke with the Apollo13 famous line "Houston we have a problem" to represent the little 15mm astronaut first encounter with one Aliens Egg. (frothers is the name of the community members)

The deadline is on the end of this month and I'm painting it at lunch breaks... more news with the finished painted diorama soon.

Hang in there fellow astronauts!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

MANES for Fractured Dimensions

Yay! Another sculpting project that I just finalized for Fractured Dimensions Miniatures and yet again it was a absolute pleasure to sculpt from start to finish.
This time I sculpted the MANES, 3 of them. Imagine some tiny devils hidden in some mysterious dungeon shadows ready to jump on you while you least expect. They are nasty!

Even if these little devils are sculpted around the 15mm mark they are for the 28mm market. I had the common limitations that the 15mm's have but tried to sculpt details just like a regular 28mm... above all I hope to make these minis enjoyable to paint.

The 3 little fellas
Mane 1 is the smaller of the group
Mane 2 is the bigger, fatter & has a temper
Mane 3 is the muscled one and its ready to jump
Tried to make them all with individual charisma but that still work well in a group.

A scale picture with a 28mm Hobgoblin

And a ruler, depending on pose and complexion some are 15mm and others around 10mm to the eye level.

Thats about it, the Manes are lurking in the shadows waiting for the most intrepid adventurer paintbrushes ;)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Harook are released and reviewed

Mad Robot miniatures just released our beloved bird like space race for the 15mm market, The Harook and I for one will want a bunch of them for my portfolio and more importantly for my games! Muhahah.

So you can buy them at:

Mad Robot Store HERE

You can check the beautiful paintjobs created by the 15mm painter Master Spacejacker HERE

I will just upload some pics of Spacejacker awesome paintings on the Harook.

Finally a review from the blog of reference to all things 15mm the Dropship Horizon HERE

And if you check my blog you can see the greens HERE

So my final words on this 10 minis project, what can I say? These were truly a joy to create, Mad Robot Miniatures created the concept and produced the miniatures, I sculpted them, Spacejacker painted them and the Dropship Horizon crew and 15mm fans supported everything from the beginning. In this process I managed to make friends with similar goals that are just as simple as; Enjoying 15mm Scifi!

Is this the end for the Harook? For me its only the beginning and on my sculpting table I'm making room for some more ;)


PS- Got a mail notice to pick a mysterious pack at my post office I think some feathered minis just landed here.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Panda miniature sculpture

One of my local friends gifted me with a painted diorama a few months ago and so I decided to sculpt him a Panda miniature as a token of my appreciation.

Why a Panda with a painting brush? Well his nick is Panda dos mares and he is a talented miniature painter so it seemed appropriated.

The Panda sculpt is about 28mm to the top of the head.

Panda do Mares the Painter

One day I hope to post his painting on this mini here, surely it will be awesome as usual.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

40Korvos Tournament, Sculpting Workshop, Painting Contest, 40K

Last weekend I attended my last hobby event in Portugal, this time it was a event for 40k Players and I had the pleasure to organize a Sculpting Workshop and a small miniature painting contest, I leave you with the photos.

The place

The awesome tables and painted 40K armies

The painting contest and some entries

The Sculpting Workshop

A very enjoyable weekend with friends, to all of them thank you for attending and sharing your miniatures I hope one day when I come back in holidays to find all of you sculpting and painting like mad people :D

Friday, 18 November 2011

Beast of Wars On the table show

I usually follow Beasts of Wars reviews and online shows, for those that don't know the outstanding hobby goodies that they deliver every day just check them out at.

They have a biweekly show called On the table were they resume some of the last miniatures news on the market... This time they also showed some of my sculpts for Fractured Dimensions Miniatures

Check Minute 8:30.

Lots of interesting ranges to check out.

Since I forgot to add a scale picture for fractured dimensions minis here, its time to fix that...

The metal miniature on the right is about 28mm to the eye level.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

New base set for Secret Weapon Miniatures

Secret Weapon Miniatures will have in January of 2012 some new bases sets that I had the pleasure to sculpt. Following the alien theme I sculpted lots of living things on top the space deck bases that Justin sent me.
Eggs, bugs, face buggers, tentacled alien nastiness, its all there. I think these are cool for Space hulk environments.

More bases are planned for Secret Weapons Miniatures but this time with a different theme.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Mimic

Another classic monster, and one of my all time favorites, the Mimic... Imagine your venturing into a dungeon in search for treasures and you find in a dark corner of a room a treasure chest that you promptly try to open it to see what treasures it holds inside, and guess what, you are the dinner on the plate.

The Mimic

The Mimic has 25mm to the top of the chest and its a Kit composed with 4 bits.

The kit bits are optional so you can create several different Mimics just by selecting alternative combinations of them.

Bits are:
- The base with the chest
- The chest lid that you can glue more or less opened
- Optional tongue
- Optional Right arm

This miniature kit will be produced by Fractured Dimensions Miniatures and I hope you dungeon explorers among us appreciate it.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Lemures

Hello fellow fantasy RPG monsters fans I have finished some more sculpts... If you remember the old rpg add demons named Lemures for your dungeons adventures then you will be happy to see them fleshed out in a sculpt for your games.

I remember the Lemures having big google eyes, melting mouths and a body that was part mud or melting and part flesh, they are also quite muscled so here's what I did with them.

The Lemures

The big Lemure ( 28mm to the eye)

Lemure Medium size (24mm to the eye)

Lemure Medium size 2 ( 22mm to the eye)

Lemure Small (21mm to the eye but body less bulky)

Family picture

Thats about it, some melting demons to spread chaos in your fantasy games, your dungeons will never be the same...
Tomorrow I will post THE MIMIC muhahaha

These miniatures will all soon be produced by Fractured Dimensions Miniatures.