Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Lemures

Hello fellow fantasy RPG monsters fans I have finished some more sculpts... If you remember the old rpg add demons named Lemures for your dungeons adventures then you will be happy to see them fleshed out in a sculpt for your games.

I remember the Lemures having big google eyes, melting mouths and a body that was part mud or melting and part flesh, they are also quite muscled so here's what I did with them.

The Lemures

The big Lemure ( 28mm to the eye)

Lemure Medium size (24mm to the eye)

Lemure Medium size 2 ( 22mm to the eye)

Lemure Small (21mm to the eye but body less bulky)

Family picture

Thats about it, some melting demons to spread chaos in your fantasy games, your dungeons will never be the same...
Tomorrow I will post THE MIMIC muhahaha

These miniatures will all soon be produced by Fractured Dimensions Miniatures.



  1. Those are great! Are they for a client, or for your own use?

    Looking forward to seeing what else you make along these lines.

  2. Great sculpts!!! congratulations!!

  3. Oh I like those, well done, I can feel the ooze.

  4. Thanks folks there's nothing like some melting monsters to spice up the sculpting table.

    @Lasgunpacker I forgot to mention but just edited the post, these miniatures will be produced by Fractured Dimensions Miniature, you can find the link to them on the edited post, thanks.

  5. Anybody hint as to when those lemures are going to be available?