Thursday, 17 November 2011

New base set for Secret Weapon Miniatures

Secret Weapon Miniatures will have in January of 2012 some new bases sets that I had the pleasure to sculpt. Following the alien theme I sculpted lots of living things on top the space deck bases that Justin sent me.
Eggs, bugs, face buggers, tentacled alien nastiness, its all there. I think these are cool for Space hulk environments.

More bases are planned for Secret Weapons Miniatures but this time with a different theme.


  1. Well done. Definitely the King of bugs.

  2. Thanks all :) More bases on my table.

  3. I'm sure you didn't mean to type "face huggers". More like "alien arthropods with no relation to any previous licensed property" :D

    Great work as always. I like the sort of stringy look of the "creep", like it sends out pseudopods to extend and anchor itself before it expands. Did you by any chance base this on microscope images of cells, eg. fibroblasts or macrophages?

  4. That was a typo I meant face buggers ;D

    As for the ideas that I based these organic invasion bases I mostly mixed octopus, worms way of locomotion and mixed it with alien concepts and a bit of my own things.