Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Mimic

Another classic monster, and one of my all time favorites, the Mimic... Imagine your venturing into a dungeon in search for treasures and you find in a dark corner of a room a treasure chest that you promptly try to open it to see what treasures it holds inside, and guess what, you are the dinner on the plate.

The Mimic

The Mimic has 25mm to the top of the chest and its a Kit composed with 4 bits.

The kit bits are optional so you can create several different Mimics just by selecting alternative combinations of them.

Bits are:
- The base with the chest
- The chest lid that you can glue more or less opened
- Optional tongue
- Optional Right arm

This miniature kit will be produced by Fractured Dimensions Miniatures and I hope you dungeon explorers among us appreciate it.


  1. And that's why you spend a few coppers to buy a ten-foot pole... to open strange chests.

  2. Oh, gawds, now there's a keeper!

    Too few players these days understand the concept of safety for that, Allison! XD

  3. Safety? When you've tweaked your character to be a Drizzt clone, dual wielding vorpal swords and an amulet of AWW YEAH I'M AWESOME, who needs "Detect Trap"?

  4. You see the coins on the base Allisson? Those are the lucky amulets of awesomeness from previous clones XD