Saturday, 26 November 2011

40Korvos Tournament, Sculpting Workshop, Painting Contest, 40K

Last weekend I attended my last hobby event in Portugal, this time it was a event for 40k Players and I had the pleasure to organize a Sculpting Workshop and a small miniature painting contest, I leave you with the photos.

The place

The awesome tables and painted 40K armies

The painting contest and some entries

The Sculpting Workshop

A very enjoyable weekend with friends, to all of them thank you for attending and sharing your miniatures I hope one day when I come back in holidays to find all of you sculpting and painting like mad people :D


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures, there are some nice figs on the tables.

  2. Good looking stuff. Looks like good fun. I enjoy doing tutorials and meeting people that have a passion for the hobby.