Thursday, 1 December 2011

Panda miniature sculpture

One of my local friends gifted me with a painted diorama a few months ago and so I decided to sculpt him a Panda miniature as a token of my appreciation.

Why a Panda with a painting brush? Well his nick is Panda dos mares and he is a talented miniature painter so it seemed appropriated.

The Panda sculpt is about 28mm to the top of the head.

Panda do Mares the Painter

One day I hope to post his painting on this mini here, surely it will be awesome as usual.


  1. A huge thanks for an amazing sculpt, hope i can paint it to the same level

    Thanks a lot

  2. Shoot me a mail when you have the panda painted up so that I can drool a bit and also post it here. :D

  3. Second that request, gorgeous sculpt. :)

  4. Hello
    I love your panda sculpture of a person I want to sculpt
    3 pieces of after pictures