Wednesday, 14 December 2011

MANES for Fractured Dimensions

Yay! Another sculpting project that I just finalized for Fractured Dimensions Miniatures and yet again it was a absolute pleasure to sculpt from start to finish.
This time I sculpted the MANES, 3 of them. Imagine some tiny devils hidden in some mysterious dungeon shadows ready to jump on you while you least expect. They are nasty!

Even if these little devils are sculpted around the 15mm mark they are for the 28mm market. I had the common limitations that the 15mm's have but tried to sculpt details just like a regular 28mm... above all I hope to make these minis enjoyable to paint.

The 3 little fellas
Mane 1 is the smaller of the group
Mane 2 is the bigger, fatter & has a temper
Mane 3 is the muscled one and its ready to jump
Tried to make them all with individual charisma but that still work well in a group.

A scale picture with a 28mm Hobgoblin

And a ruler, depending on pose and complexion some are 15mm and others around 10mm to the eye level.

Thats about it, the Manes are lurking in the shadows waiting for the most intrepid adventurer paintbrushes ;)


  1. These will make fantastic eldritch beasts for my 15mm monster hunters and barbarians to face!

  2. Pedro, your treatment of the classic D&D demons and devils is awesome. Lots of individual character and personality in there.

    Only critique I can make is that those bases seem to be WAY thick. Once they are rebased to match whatever basing system the player uses, the will be pretty big.


  3. Spacejacker these would go very well with your Copplestones Casting 15mm Barbarians, I really need to get some of those but first I still need to expand my Scifi collections. Splintered Light Minis and Demonworld are really making it hard to resist :)

    Eli Arndt The bases I did are like the tabs you see on the minis they are supposed to be filled and cut to the desired sizes yet they are big enough if you are the kind of gamer that just wants to open the blister and use these "tabs" as your base system ( for example the mane with arms in the air would not hold strait if it didn't have the extra base weight). ;)

  4. Love these minis and glad I picked them up. I still have not painted them, do you have any suggestions for color?

    1. Glad you liked them Agent Templar. The official colours are quite cool they were done by Finch and you can find them here on this post.

      Personally I would paint them red on their back and with lighter red on the belly. Yellow or blue eyes for contrast.