Saturday, 19 December 2015

Rock Giant Sculpt

Hi guys I have done another miniature and this time its a big one.
I always wanted to have a rock giant but never really found one on the market that fully satisfied me. With that in mind I started doodling some concept art a few months back. Several sculpting nights later I'm happy that I managed to capture this concept in 3d form.
It was a great pleasure to see this come to life but it was not the cheapest of projects since it drained me 2 full packs of milliput and 1 huge tube of greenstuff.

The Rock Giant is alive!

Only 4 bits.

The size.

The usual victim.

The original sketch.

I think this could also turn out to be a very versatile Giant depending on the way you decide to paint it... If you go white and blues its an Arctic Giant but you can do Crystal Giant or Lava one instead. Me? I will do a rock one with a bit of flock on its back.
Fun, big and expensive this project was.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Merry Christmas all

Its that time of the year to share a postcard so I leave you my latest Illustration that I did for this Christmas season.


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Infernal tentacles sculpture

Hi all,

I finally got to upload another one of my mini creatures, sculpted a few months back for fun.

The bits.

Awwww... She just wants a hug.

Have a great weekend all and be safe on this quite windy winter.
Next update the Rock Giant sculpture.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Sculpting a Whip in Greenstuff

Hi guys,

I have just finished another little greestuff tutorial and this time we will sculpt a Whip. These things are useful if your looking to add some spice to your chariot crew or just a beast handler, so lets pick up a paper clip and some greenstuff.

Just straighten the Clip and cover it with greenstuff, try to make it as thin as possible because this will get fatter on the next stage. The reason we do this is because the putty will stick better to putty rather than to the metal. You should end up with something like this.

Let it cure for 2.5 hours instead of the normal 4 so its still a bit sticky and ideal to take the next layer.
So now roll a really thin huge sausage of fresh putty.

Start with the bottom of the paper clip but leave that extremely free of putty because this will be the bit that you will stick to your mini.

The fun begins now. Pick your favorite flat sculpting tool and grab the other end of the paper clip.
With your fingers on the clip you slowly rotate the cured sausage and with your sculpting tool you tap, tap, tap the fresh greenstuff into place. Notice that the fresh sausage is now flat as you tap it into place. Keep on tapping!

As you approach the end of the Whip its good to make your fresh sausage thiner and thiner because it looks better. Grab the clip with a tool to help with the sculpting of the final tip of the Whip.

On the very end of the Whip I wanted some kind of metal thing so I added some miniscule rivets to it.
I will explain riveting with greenstuff later on in this tutorial. Remember do your riveting with fresh putty rivets on top of fresh greenstuff surface so that the bound is stronger and you have more control.

Let it fully dry overnight. Next day things should look like this unless you sculpted under the influence of a good whisky.

Now pick up your mini and drill a hole on the hand that will hold the Whip. My subject is a Orc Bully.

Now you can bend the, covered with greenstuff, paperclip at the angles you choose. I went with some dynamic Indiana Jones kind of angles. When your happy with it you can superglue the clip to the drilled hole but just leave a gap so you can sculpt some more details.

Almost there. Lets finish up the Whip hand grip.
Mix a small bit of putty and apply it to the gap.

Pick a sculpting tool and tap it into place so its stuck to the mini in a way that will not move.

Still looks very soft but because now the putty its stuck to the mini we will use a sharp flat tool to sharpen those edges. First pull it outside then push inside do it many times until you have something sharp.

Only some riveting left to do now, be quick because you want to set them while the surface is still sticky. So make some tiny balls of greenstuf (1), then push them into place(2) and that will make them flat and big. Finally with the fine tip of a sculpting tool reduce the size of the rivet by making circular movements on the edges of the rivet (3).

You can see how the rivets are now smaller and blended into the surface.
Job done.

Pick another bottle of Whisky and watch the putty dry...

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Something in the Dark

Tonight is the night to celebrate all shadowy things. Dark creatures will dance at the moonlight and only the bravest will join in the gory spectacle.
For the past weeks and only after midnight a monster was sculpted in the stickiest clay... Tonight I leave you a teaser for Something in the Dark.

Happy Halloween.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sculpting a Rock Giant ( the concept)

I have been thinking about alternative creatures to add to my sculpting projects and after a bit of brainstorming I ended up going for a massive rock, stone and dirt Giant.

I find the miniature market does not have one that I would be willing to pay for so I got my pencils and paper out and sketched something that is more up to my street.

Sculpting rocks its kids play so this should be quite easy to sculpt too. Size wise I want the rock giant to be not as tall as regular Giant but considerably bulkier and with stumpy legs.

This is what I got so far.

Im not happy with the chains idea and will lose them, its just a bit ridiculous to expect that a Rock creature would be stopped by those puny metal chains. I already started sculpting this and its more patience work to fill that huge body mass with rocks than anything else... its entertaining though and drained 2 packs of putty already. Fun times.