Saturday, 19 December 2015

Rock Giant Sculpt

Hi guys I have done another miniature and this time its a big one.
I always wanted to have a rock giant but never really found one on the market that fully satisfied me. With that in mind I started doodling some concept art a few months back. Several sculpting nights later I'm happy that I managed to capture this concept in 3d form.
It was a great pleasure to see this come to life but it was not the cheapest of projects since it drained me 2 full packs of milliput and 1 huge tube of greenstuff.

The Rock Giant is alive!

Only 4 bits.

The size.

The usual victim.

The original sketch.

I think this could also turn out to be a very versatile Giant depending on the way you decide to paint it... If you go white and blues its an Arctic Giant but you can do Crystal Giant or Lava one instead. Me? I will do a rock one with a bit of flock on its back.
Fun, big and expensive this project was.


  1. So this is just amazing. I assume you cut the cured putty to get a hard faceted effect?

  2. Thank you.
    I did a mix of cutting cured GS on some parts and sculpting sharp edges with fresh GS on other areas.

  3. Absolutely a-ma-zing. I've been browsing your blog and I am astounded that I never knew there was such a formidable Portuguese sculptor working professionally. Had I gotten into the hobby a few years sooner, I'd certainly have tried to attend one of your masterclasses.

    Ganhaste mais um fã. As peças com inspiração no trabalho do sr. Giger estão simplesmente espectaculares!

  4. Obrigado Automato. Pode ser que um dia quando visite Portugal nas ferias se consiga organizar alguma coisa em LX.