Saturday, 26 November 2011

40Korvos Tournament, Sculpting Workshop, Painting Contest, 40K

Last weekend I attended my last hobby event in Portugal, this time it was a event for 40k Players and I had the pleasure to organize a Sculpting Workshop and a small miniature painting contest, I leave you with the photos.

The place

The awesome tables and painted 40K armies

The painting contest and some entries

The Sculpting Workshop

A very enjoyable weekend with friends, to all of them thank you for attending and sharing your miniatures I hope one day when I come back in holidays to find all of you sculpting and painting like mad people :D

Friday, 18 November 2011

Beast of Wars On the table show

I usually follow Beasts of Wars reviews and online shows, for those that don't know the outstanding hobby goodies that they deliver every day just check them out at.

They have a biweekly show called On the table were they resume some of the last miniatures news on the market... This time they also showed some of my sculpts for Fractured Dimensions Miniatures

Check Minute 8:30.

Lots of interesting ranges to check out.

Since I forgot to add a scale picture for fractured dimensions minis here, its time to fix that...

The metal miniature on the right is about 28mm to the eye level.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

New base set for Secret Weapon Miniatures

Secret Weapon Miniatures will have in January of 2012 some new bases sets that I had the pleasure to sculpt. Following the alien theme I sculpted lots of living things on top the space deck bases that Justin sent me.
Eggs, bugs, face buggers, tentacled alien nastiness, its all there. I think these are cool for Space hulk environments.

More bases are planned for Secret Weapons Miniatures but this time with a different theme.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Mimic

Another classic monster, and one of my all time favorites, the Mimic... Imagine your venturing into a dungeon in search for treasures and you find in a dark corner of a room a treasure chest that you promptly try to open it to see what treasures it holds inside, and guess what, you are the dinner on the plate.

The Mimic

The Mimic has 25mm to the top of the chest and its a Kit composed with 4 bits.

The kit bits are optional so you can create several different Mimics just by selecting alternative combinations of them.

Bits are:
- The base with the chest
- The chest lid that you can glue more or less opened
- Optional tongue
- Optional Right arm

This miniature kit will be produced by Fractured Dimensions Miniatures and I hope you dungeon explorers among us appreciate it.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Lemures

Hello fellow fantasy RPG monsters fans I have finished some more sculpts... If you remember the old rpg add demons named Lemures for your dungeons adventures then you will be happy to see them fleshed out in a sculpt for your games.

I remember the Lemures having big google eyes, melting mouths and a body that was part mud or melting and part flesh, they are also quite muscled so here's what I did with them.

The Lemures

The big Lemure ( 28mm to the eye)

Lemure Medium size (24mm to the eye)

Lemure Medium size 2 ( 22mm to the eye)

Lemure Small (21mm to the eye but body less bulky)

Family picture

Thats about it, some melting demons to spread chaos in your fantasy games, your dungeons will never be the same...
Tomorrow I will post THE MIMIC muhahaha

These miniatures will all soon be produced by Fractured Dimensions Miniatures.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Painting Chewk, the color guide

After much thinking I finally painted the Chewk like some kind of prawn man and here are the results. I opted for saturated colors since I believe they work best for such smallish scales, making good contrasts.

Never painted a 10mm before and its hilarious to be honest, specially if you paint it like a normal 28mm.

Scale picture ( GZG 15mm, Khurasan Chewk 10mm and GW heroic 28mm)

Chewk Color Guide

Games Workshop white primer.

  • Clothes
  • VMC 70960 Violet
  • VMC 70810 Royal Purple
  • VMC 70811 Blue Violet
  • 50% VMC 70811 Blue Violet + 50% VGC 34 Bone White
  • VGC 34 Bone White
  • CItadel Wash Leviathan Purple
  • VMC 70915 Deep Yellow ( stripes on sleeves and freehand on back)

  • Belt
  • VMC 70940 Saddle Brown
  • 50% VMC 70940 Saddle Brown + 50% VGC 34 Bone White
  • VGC 34 Bone White
  • Citadel Wash Devlan Mud

  • Skin
  • VMC 70956 Clear Orange
  • VMC 70851 Bright Orange
  • VMC 70911 Light Orange
  • 50% VMC 70911 Light Orange + 50% VMC 70915 Deep Yellow
  • VMC 70915 Deep Yellow
  • VMC 918 Ivory ( eyes )
  • Formula P3 Coal Black ( eyes)

  • Weapon
  • Formula P3 Coal Black 
  • VMC 70903 Intermediate Blue
  • VMC 990 Light Grey

  • Base
  • VMC 873 US Field Drab
  • VMC 70939 Smoke (wash)
  • VMC 873 US Field Drab
  • MIG P234 Rubble Dust
  • MIG P026 Concrete
  • Army Painter Battle Fields Swamp Tuft 6mm
  • GF9 GFS017 Meadow Blend

VMC- Vallejo Model Color , VGC- Vallejo game color

So thats about it, these are the colors for the little 10mm prawns the Chewk and I have something like 25 of them to paint.  :)