Thursday, 25 December 2014

Season's Greetings

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Christmas with lots of lead, plastic and resins.
I leave you  the traditional postcard.

Ho ho ho the giant gobbo santa will bring ya ball of spikes :)

My loot this year got me the Glottkin! Its going to be a interesting year I can tell you that much!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

120 minis before painting

Hello folks! 
I got some pictures of all the minis that I have assembled and converted for my O&G army over the past year.  This is the first batch of 120 minis, still lots of things to add but for now I'm happy with the results.


Sunday, 14 December 2014


OK, no more fooling around, it was time to bring some serious sculpting into this project.
So far most models have been small conversions with a few bits sculpted into them but thats the nature of creating a huge O&G army... The Giant though would be quite different.

This one I went downtown and sculpted most of it, my challenge for this was to add a more trollish textured skin layer all over the main body since I wanted something cooler to paint later on.
Sculpted all the legs from scratch as well as the head, the rest was adding the 2nd skin to this beast.
Also sculpted the weapon to resemble a fanatic ball. Hope you guys like it.

Thats it the Giant is alive!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Black Orcs

The black orcs kits are very bulky and overall I was quite happy with the stock models but since they are the elite of any O&G army I took the time and added some twists.
For starters I wanted some huge Orcs mixed with the stock ones and so I went for the ogres range and got myself some nice bits and minis. It makes a difference on the global look of the regiment and they look even more brutal now.
I sculpted some bits and actually a little scorpion for the banner but the scorpion theme will be more visible when I paint the banner and the champion shield with appropriate scorpion features.

The Big fellas

Fun to built but not easy to stack them in one regiment, specially with no unit fillers.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Savage orcs

Orcs or no Orcs? That was always the question I had when planning my Bugobbos army.
For starters I had the idea of just creating goblin units for a exclusively pure goblin army... but on the other side of the argument there was so many cool models with such a wide variety of possibilities that I eventually caved in and went for that instead.

The savage orcs from GW are brilliant but I added more kits into the mix, Orc boys for one and also Shieldwolf miniatures Mountain Orcs ( more on these later). I also added a big troll and converted it into the savage champ... some bits from ogres here and there and thats it.

Some of my favorite minis on this unit.

I aimed for no unit fillers in this regiment and also wanted them to look really like savage gorillas going bananas. As for Shieldwolf miniatures I can say that I had a wonderfull experience with their plastic kits. I got them as impulse buy at last salute and I was pleasantly surprised to see how these kits blended so well with others. Just a bit of greenstuff here and there and job done.

You can find more stuff at their site

Until next time

Friday, 5 December 2014


This has been a very spider heavy week for my Goblins, Im not sure if I'm going to use more spiders or even if the regiments that I have built are competitive on the battlefield, to me the looks comes first in therms of creating an army so thats not a big issue.

As it stands I have a regiment of 50 nightgoblins and the following spiders...

Thats all for this week, next one I will concentrate on the last few remaining regiments left to upload.  Next the Orcs and a big bad giant. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Deep in the forests of the old world lives the mother of all arachnids and she is on the hunt.

The Arachnarok has to be one of my favorite kits from GW, its like a alien mix of crustaceans and arachnids on steroids.
When I opened the box I knew that this beast would be one of the centerpieces for my force, I mean the textures are insane and the size of this spider is very imposing.
Assembling it was quite simple and I only filled some gaps and repositioned the legs to fit the base a bit better. I also made the visual choice of not including the goblin crew on its back because they literally cover all the cool texture work on the abdomen, so off with them.

This should be an untamed ravaging spider that smashes all in its path, spawns some hairy tarantulas from its abdomen sacs and eats dragons for breakfast.  Lets just say I did not convert a thing in this kit because its prefect as is.

I kind felt I needed to waste some Greenstuff on this miniature so I went crazy and sculpted the full base... pointless exercise I know but the model deserves a special base.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Otherworld Medium Spiders ( Blast from the Past )

I take this opportunity to post an old project that I have sculpted many moons ago, since these are actually the spiders that I now use on my gobbos army I think its the perfect time to go on a nostalgia trip.

Back in September 2010, when I still sculpted for companies, I was commissioned to sculpt a couple medium sized spiders for the Otherworld miniatures range. Since they are specialized in old-school rpg miniatures I tried to sculpt them more realistic and kind of scary. Unfortunately I don't think that they are still on sale... So this was the end result of that old project, very fun and satisfying to complete. Good times.

Itsy Bitsy Spider...