Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Otherworld Medium Spiders ( Blast from the Past )

I take this opportunity to post an old project that I have sculpted many moons ago, since these are actually the spiders that I now use on my gobbos army I think its the perfect time to go on a nostalgia trip.

Back in September 2010, when I still sculpted for companies, I was commissioned to sculpt a couple medium sized spiders for the Otherworld miniatures range. Since they are specialized in old-school rpg miniatures I tried to sculpt them more realistic and kind of scary. Unfortunately I don't think that they are still on sale... So this was the end result of that old project, very fun and satisfying to complete. Good times.

Itsy Bitsy Spider...


  1. A blast from the past indeed. For what it's worth, I prefer these over Otherworld's current crop of spiders.

  2. Thanks Finch, I believe the current ones are a bit more cartoony and less scary but good sculpts nevertheless. Its a style preference I guess but Im very glad that you prefer these sculpts.

  3. Love those Arachnid's mate. Look real to me.Like your posts.Out of the way, why do you like Arachnids so much. I see you have a pic of yourself posing as a spider. Just curious what it's all about buddy !!!

  4. I find fascinating how such a tiny creature manages to create intricate and mathematical accurate traps, moves stealthy even with 8 long legs and has potent venom... I mean its such a specialized predator that even humans avoid them. Spiders are the true ninjas of the microworld.