Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Deep in the forests of the old world lives the mother of all arachnids and she is on the hunt.

The Arachnarok has to be one of my favorite kits from GW, its like a alien mix of crustaceans and arachnids on steroids.
When I opened the box I knew that this beast would be one of the centerpieces for my force, I mean the textures are insane and the size of this spider is very imposing.
Assembling it was quite simple and I only filled some gaps and repositioned the legs to fit the base a bit better. I also made the visual choice of not including the goblin crew on its back because they literally cover all the cool texture work on the abdomen, so off with them.

This should be an untamed ravaging spider that smashes all in its path, spawns some hairy tarantulas from its abdomen sacs and eats dragons for breakfast.  Lets just say I did not convert a thing in this kit because its prefect as is.

I kind felt I needed to waste some Greenstuff on this miniature so I went crazy and sculpted the full base... pointless exercise I know but the model deserves a special base.

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