Sunday, 14 December 2014


OK, no more fooling around, it was time to bring some serious sculpting into this project.
So far most models have been small conversions with a few bits sculpted into them but thats the nature of creating a huge O&G army... The Giant though would be quite different.

This one I went downtown and sculpted most of it, my challenge for this was to add a more trollish textured skin layer all over the main body since I wanted something cooler to paint later on.
Sculpted all the legs from scratch as well as the head, the rest was adding the 2nd skin to this beast.
Also sculpted the weapon to resemble a fanatic ball. Hope you guys like it.

Thats it the Giant is alive!


  1. F*$c yeah!

    That's something I've been looking for in your project :D

    Are you going to work on other monsters, like wyvern?

  2. First rate! Should be even more impressive when painted.

  3. Just great! The face and teeth are truly over the top, goblinesque but so much more hideous. Frankly he's one ugly bastard right out of the box and you definitely upped that :)

  4. Thank you guys!!

    This one did take me some time to finish up.
    As for other monsters and minis I have some radical ideas for the boar boys and also for squigs etc. I think that for now its time to pack up the greenstuff and start painting these units that I have fleshed out.

  5. The body looks good, but the face doesn't look so hot. More detail would make it look better and realistic. But so far it has some promise. Look forward to the finished result which I'm sure will be totally amazing :)

  6. Yeah the head could go with some improvements, the mix of gobbo meets troll is hard to achieve.