Sunday, 7 December 2014

Savage orcs

Orcs or no Orcs? That was always the question I had when planning my Bugobbos army.
For starters I had the idea of just creating goblin units for a exclusively pure goblin army... but on the other side of the argument there was so many cool models with such a wide variety of possibilities that I eventually caved in and went for that instead.

The savage orcs from GW are brilliant but I added more kits into the mix, Orc boys for one and also Shieldwolf miniatures Mountain Orcs ( more on these later). I also added a big troll and converted it into the savage champ... some bits from ogres here and there and thats it.

Some of my favorite minis on this unit.

I aimed for no unit fillers in this regiment and also wanted them to look really like savage gorillas going bananas. As for Shieldwolf miniatures I can say that I had a wonderfull experience with their plastic kits. I got them as impulse buy at last salute and I was pleasantly surprised to see how these kits blended so well with others. Just a bit of greenstuff here and there and job done.

You can find more stuff at their site

Until next time