Sunday, 28 April 2013

Salute coverage (part4)

Browsing salute tables is such a feast to the eyes, so many games, scales and styles that you could spend all day just looking at the details in them.

After some shopping and miniatures reports later... I went to check the tables there and only took pictures of something like 5% of the things there, it was all just crazy massive!

Tabletop Pictures

Funny thing Privateer Press had a table for a speed painting contest and if you think it would have lots of young gamers all over it guess again... the old farts like me took the table by storm. Brilliant.

The Planet of Apes table by Frothers was the most dangerous table on Salute... It hold me hostage for the last hours of the day in a frenetic game between Frothers... bunch of apes! 
( more on this game on another report)

And to close another report I leave you with what in my opinion was the best table of salute...
This thing was soooooooooooooo huge and detailed that it was clear eye catcher!

and its 15mm scifi!


Yes all of those are 1 table!

See you all on next update

Friday, 26 April 2013

Salute coverage (Part 3)

Hi folks  it's time for another salute report and today concentrating more on 28mm's.

I was quite impressed to see some of the newer ranges like Eden, Bushido, Sphere wars etc presenting full ranges of painted miniatures on the level of golden demon... it was really a party to the eyes.

I was sooooo tempted by the fiddler but at 100 quid it would mean I could not buy more goodies that day...
Awesome paint job too, so lets kick start with the fiddler:

Freebooter new stuff, I'm a big fan of this range I need some Pirate gobbos!

Another company with a very special mermaid... at 40quid I almost opened my wallet here, one of the best minis of the show!

Fenris games lots of goodies


Hydra miniatures

Mcvey Studios

Kick ass

Sphere wars miniatures


Agora miniatures

Miniature factory

Random pics

Heresy miniatures

Dark World Creations


Colors wars IIRC

New company debut... AX faction

Ammon Miniatures ( crazy stuff there)

SMOG stuff

Dungeons and dragons

And to finish up in style
Otherworld miniatures had one amazing stand...

because this is the bug man space I loved to see a painted version of the tarantula I sculpted for Otherworld a couple years back

See you all on part 4