Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Salute coverage (Part 2)

Salute is always the best place for companies show off their new products and this year there was one that I was more curious about: 

Wyrd game Puppet Wars: Unstitched.

I always liked the look of the miniatures from the first original Puppet Wars and this was a good opportunity to see in person what the new version of the game would bring to the table.

Well I have mixed feelings on what I have seen... Concentrating only on the miniatures and not the game itself since I had not the time for a demo the first thing noticeable is that the metal miniatures are gone now and that in the box you will get plastic sprues instead... I managed to be a bit annoying and snatched the sprues from the box and took some pics hehe...

Check them out.

The game comes with only 2 different sprues and one of them is repeated 3 times...

The minis did have lots of detail but they are much bigger scale wise in comparison with the older metal versions, the game also had assembling instructions for the minis.

Lots of minis in the box (44) and they look fun to paint but 3x the same sprue? Errr not my cup of tea if you are looking for something special and unique to paint up rather than multiples of the same thing.

I always seen this game as a big contender for Soda Pop Super Dungeon Explore but I have to confess they missed the chance for something special with such limited choices on the sprues, I get the feeling they did fall short yet again.

GOBLIN AID pictures

Goblin aid miniatures and patches etc were spreaded all over salute and I probably missed some greens but here are some of them. A good cause deserves good minis and the fellas did do a good job on all those gobbos.

See you guys on part 3.

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