Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Salute 2013 coverage (part1)


Past saturday we had Salute 2013, one of the best ( if not the biggest) wargaming events in the UK/EU.
Again this year I had the fortune to participate in this amazing expo. Most companies present their new products and if you look carefully there is always a good bargain to be found.

The day started early and this year I heard some concerns that the queues got to be so big that they were running out of space, promising start then!

I had a few goals this year... Deliver my goblin aid miniature as soon as possible to Fenris stand, take some few pictures of anything that I fancy, talk to some of my clients, shop some minis and catch up with friends from Frothers and Chelmsford bunker.

But hey things can get freaking chaotic, fast! And so they did!

Well after delivering goblin aid miniature I started the photos spree. I took around 400 but after cleaning them I will only upload 130ish separated in several different posts on this blog.

So here you go, starting with a 15mm scifi coverage...

( 15mm is for the true gamer) (part 1)

Critical mass stand

My favorite 15mm company of all time Ground Zero Games

Got of bunch of tomorrow wars RANG ( superb details)

They also had a awesome table for

Since we are on spaceships heres some DROPZONE new things.

I had a surprise with BRIGADE GAMES and got some of these!

So this is my 15mm  small report but would like to mention that a company totally blowed my mind this year... Antenocitti workshop simply rocked in every way to such a degree that I took zero photos... I was to busy drooling and giving them almost all my money for the event...  I will post pics of my purchases soon... Hint: I finally got my colonial marines from aliens army!

See you on next update.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures, nice to see someone pays attention to the smaller scales!