Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bits breakdown and next project.

With another project completed its time to regroup and think about things, right?


If anyone knows me is that I'm kind of the impulsive type and with so many projects yet to be done I have little time to think... besides thinking it's a waste of time, I rather spend it actually punching greenstuff!

Working overtime everyday at my day job and juggling with my kid needs for attention, its hard to sculpt these days... thats why I do it at night :D

So my next project its something really different and a bit crazy. I'm going to be sculpting a mascot similar to this:

Chibi knight with a brush to paint you to death... Brill!

I also forgot to upload a pic with the bits rundown of my previous Hezrou demons sculpts... here you go.

Sweet nightmares folks, I'm going to sculpt a bit more now!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hezrou demons the family pictures

Has promised here's some pictures of the full set of sculpts I have completed for this project.

You can interchange the shield between these 2 Hezrou

Fun project to do I love old school stuff.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Creature / Demon 4 of 4

Ok so this is the final demon on this lot.
This project is now completed and in transit to the states, soon enough you can get them at Fractured Dimensions and on your tabletop incursions.

Hezrou 4

During this week I will post more random pictures with all the bitz etc...

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Creature / Demon 3 of 4

Following the daily updates here's the 3rd sculpt for the Hezrou demon type II.

These are around the 30mm scale and will probably be packed all in one blister, meaning you will have 4 demons, 4 different heads that can be used on any of them and one shield that can be used on 2 different demons, or if you choose you can just leave the shield off.
A nice little demonic blister or if you fancy some kind of swamp dungeon creatures.

Hezrou 3

Another update tomorrow... Happy fathers day! I'm going to spend the rest of this Sunday sculpting a new project and teaching my kid to paint a bit.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Creature / Demon 2 of 4

Here is the 2nd Monster that will go into the same blister of demons I have been sculpting for Fractured Dimensions.

Again the heads are interchangeable between all 4 demons. Also this one has a detachable shield that can be used on another demon instead leaving this one with just one single hand weapon for fighting in your dungeon adventures.

Hezrou 2

See you all tomorrow for another update.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Creature / Demon 1 of 4

Hi fellas,

Some weeks ago I finished up some more sculpts but only now I managed to find the time to post them.

In the next days I will upload all images here.

Sculpted for Fractured Dimensions 1st monster...

These sculpts will have interchangeable parts like the heads, meaning you will have a bit more variation.

Hezrou 1

Tomorrow I will post 2nd one.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Goblin Aid Update

Goblin aid project has been in my opinion one of the best examples of how our community is so giving and friendly. One friend was, and still is, facing a slow recovery from a life threatening trauma but he is not alone since everyone is doing their best to make that journey a bit less painful for him.

You can follow the full project at

As for the sculptors involved here is a picture of all the sculpts donated to the project so far, there are still 3 not there.

Plenty of gobbos for all tastes and I hope once these are casted more people will join in this good cause.

The word is that they are heading for casting really soon but in the meanwhile you can also get into Goblin Aid by donating or buying packs of miniatures donated by companies to the project.