Saturday 4 January 2020

Its the end of this blog

Hello fellow blog friends.

For many years I have maintained this blog and it was the best and most enjoyable platform to show my sculpts and concepts. Initially I had a site called buglands but I had to stop it since it was getting too time consuming to run and blogger was more flexible and fast to update.

Almost a decade later and I'm afraid to say that it's not the case anymore, technology moved, social media kicked in and blogs are slowly dying off. On Mr Bugman case things got worse since Photobucket nuked everything with silly demands so all images hosted there are no more, this would mean that I needed to upload hundreds of images and host them elsewhere… oh and edit the blogger posts again to have new live links. We are talking thousands of working hours to recover everything.

I think its time to move on and I will host things on my Instagram from now on, I will also slowly build up there and upload my old jobs. I started a few days ago and I already have 1/3 of the followers I have on blogger so I hope to have all you good blog friends there one day. I know its less personal there but it will do for now.

This blog will remain open but just not updated.

You can follow my Facebook and Instagram at

So dear all for the time you guys gave me here I have to say farewell and a huge…Thank you!


Sunday 29 December 2019

Farewell 2019

Last post of the year.

2019 is almost over and I have to say its one of the busiest years I have ever had so far.

Engaged into sculpting and sketching plenty of little monsters and helped out the Kickstarter that proved to be a hands full project.

Most goals reached except for my Achilles heel, painting. Not many updates there since sculpting and concept art took all of my time, maybe something to improve on the next… decade.

Highlight of the year for me was the community amazing support of the Fungi Kickstarter which was totally funded and allowed me to expand further into more creations.

My full-time job also kicked in so less time for sculpting but its all good since I just did not sleep  lol
Health wise it was up and downs but Im back to full speed.

Father of 2 keeps things interesting too, to say the least.

So a busy and difficult 2019 but in the end a positive balance.

If there was something I learned this year was, enjoy the present, life can be short so future may be irrelevant.

I leave you my yearly card, see you next year.

Friday 15 November 2019

Phantom Fungus

This creature was quite the joy to create.
The challenge was to create something old school with basic shapes yet truly primal and scary.

The Phantom Fungus will be cast in clear resin so its true elusive nature can be better appreciated.

Saturday 9 November 2019


Funny little walking brains and mushrooms sculpts.

Here are some detailed pictures of these critters.

Tuesday 5 November 2019

Gas Spores

Never disturb Floating gas spores they are a bit sensible to the touch and may ignite in your face.

With that pearl of wisdom in mind I was set to sculpt something nasty, floaty yet symmetrical… something fun to paint too.

I came up with 2 versions one quite small and the other more matured.