Sunday, 13 November 2016

Rock giant based for Age of Sigmar

Just a quick one, I gave my rock giant a round base so that he can start fighting alongside my Gobbos.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Slugs of war

This has been quite busy on the snail and slug department. Fresh fom the sculpting table I just finished another Slug of War. This variant comes with some fantastic tentacles.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Giant Octopus

Every year there is one sculpt that for some reason is either more demanding or just memorable and for 2016 this has got to be the one.

About a month or two ago Otherworld miniatures commissioned me to do a Giant Octopus. It was a great chance for me to have a go at one of the coolest creatures ever. I mean their camouflage is on a totally different level, they can actually change their skin textures, colours and shape to resemble all kinds of environment or creatures.
Have a look on google and you guys will be surprised of what they can do.

Well I did some sketches and finally decided to go with the heavy textured look for our Giant Octopus.
This has proven to be extremely time consuming but in the end I'm happy with it. It took me great deal of patience to do all of those little details.

So there you have it my most challenging sculpture of the year. What a great project will never forget the infinite hours of pain!

Giant Tentacles

Before I went for the actual Octopus sculpt I started working on some individual giant tentacles which Otherworld miniatures also expressed interest in.
Basically these would be like as if the creature was still inside a lake or swamp and its tentacles would be coming over to try to grab you. Remember LOTR " Do not disturb the waters" and that is pretty much the idea for these pieces.

I only sculpted 4 of them but they should be more than enough for anyones tabletop adventures.

Design wise I tried to build them in a way that they are balanced enough that they would not require any base to be added. Textures were time consuming.

Octopus Concept

About a 45 days ago Otherworld miniatures asked me if I was interested in doing a Giant Octopus sculpt for their range and as part of my sculpting adventures I always like to doodle some concepts.

This is what I came up with.

I wanted an octopus with a very rich textured skin and little did I know how hard it would be to sculpt it. Next updates will cover the sculpt and some extras I created for this very demanding project.

Friday, 2 September 2016

The New White Dwarf review

Well today I had to go to Maldon and while there I needed to do some shopping at Tesco's. First thing I noticed at the entrance was the new release of one of my dearest publications.

As most of you know the monthly 40 year old White dwarf was replaced by a weekly publication that was hard to get your hands on, but after many months they decided to make it monthly again and available outside GW stores. Nice! This is the first of these new monthly magazines.

Hmm, for a while and even before the weekly edition the content of WD was a bit lacking and expensive for what it offered so I confess that I was naturally not inclined to buy it. I looked at the price tag 5.99 pounds 150 pages thick and actually it's not that bad… still not totally convinced. That was until the shiny new sprue of one of my favourite new Age of Sigmar miniatures was part of that deal. I mean the Slaughterpriest miniature alone is 18 pounds!

Yeah I got it.

I took some quick pictures of the magazine and contents.

Awesome miniature sprue.

The contents.

Huge 4page spread of the army of the month.

Battle report for AoS

Lovely artwork!



Next month.

These pictures only scratch the surface of what this White Dwarf brings in this month. There are loads of rules, cards, missions, extras gaming contents for all games known to mankind to keep any wargammer happy. If your more painter hobby inclined there is, army or the month, painting tutorials, Golden demons as well as readers paint jobs, conversions ideas etc etc… If you like a bit of everything there was the tale of 4 gamers as well as lots of Killteam things to keep you interested. Overall quite a good magazine.

Now for my final judgement…
Would I buy if there was no free miniature? No.
Now that I have seen it will I buy the next ones? Occasionally yes.

Will not subscribe it since I believe this is a 6 pound impulse buy more than something essential for my hobby. Positive effort and I'm also quite happy with the free miniature.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Gigantic Slug official release

Hi bug lovers.

Just wanted to share the official release of the Gigantic slug from Otherworld miniatures.
As always the paint jobs on the minis are brilliant. Loving it.

Another finished project and hopefully now people can grab some for themselves and paint the way they like it.