Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Rangers, Apc's and Bunker group pictures

Just a small update on this blog with some group pictures of all the things that I have already painted and finished for my Caravela Fleet.

I hope you liked them since this got to be the most enjoyable experience to hit my painting table ever.
Now to paint the 2nd ranger squad for the 2nd platoon, a MATV Comanche and a HQ squad... and convert lots more models. Maybe some Chewk next.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Cartoon/ caricature sculpt

This time I was commissioned to sculpt something a bit different.
The client approached me with a cartoon and a caricature of a dear friend of his and I was to sculpt one 28mm miniature of that cartoon.

Lets just say every bit of greenstuff I sculpted I giggled a bit, this must me my most funny project so far.

The client liked and painted it, and since I also know the fella that we sculpted, he also expressed his appreciation... in the end we all loled and had a good time.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Batalha dos corvos VII ( WFB displays, painting contest & sculpting workshop)

Last weekend we had a very enjoyable tournament in Portugal with some very nice armies on superb displays, a small Painting contest and a very fun Sculpture Workshop.

The name of this tournament is Batalha dos Corvos VII ( The Battle of the Crows VII) and its totally dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

I helped in organizing the painting contest and giving some Sculpting Workshops, it was a very packed day and at the end of it I was a bit tired but with a feeling that I had contributed a bit to the hobby in Portugal.

As you may know we are not many over here but we all had a great fun this weekend and we all shared some really nice moments, this is what this hobby is all about, sharing ideas and making friends... heres some pictures of this event.

The Place

The great army displays

The Army winner

The Painting Contest

The Sculpting Workshop

Great fun!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Ground Zero Games quality ( Vacc suits, Free traders, Ravagers)

I have been collecting miniatures for a long time and mostly for painting purposes and if in the past I was selective to the point of looking at 15mm miniatures and considering them not that detailed and with melting faces or weird proportions, today I know better than that.

So when I get to talk with my old buddies, most hardcore fans of 28mm, and say to them that there are miniatures in 15mm comparable if not in some cases superior in details than the 28mm they look at me and from their eyes I can see them thinking "- Navarro is a Biased bugger" :D

So this post on this blog I take the chance to try to prove my point. I just received a big order from Ground Zero Games all 15mm miniatures and since pictures are small on the company site I took some big ones so that everyone can see the quality of these in first hand... 
I look at them on my hands and simply cannot believe the level of details in these, Im totally convinced these miniatures are sculpted by nanobots! O_o

Cool hey? Now prepare to be mindblowed by these 15mm faces...

Now some crazy designs very nice for Necromunda fans or Madmax... 

For me its still all a bit to new but believe me fellow 28mm fans if you like painting high detailed miniatures then try out some 15mm, the quality is also there... as for gamers, imagine your 28mm 100 man armies, hard to carry and to store and reduce its volume by 50% and you can pack a army in a very small hand bag :) And lets not even talk about prices!

So in short, Ground Zero Games miniatures are of such quality standards that any collector that likes miniatures, be it for gaming or painting, should really try them out... I think that the tabu that 15mm minis are not very detailed is shattered by these outstanding examples.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Rotted Out heads sets for 28mm

I just shipped, this week, a set of 9 sculpted heads aimed for 28mm conversions, to a new starting up company named Battleroad Games & Hobbies... For now there's only their online store but soon enough they will start selling these sets.

These are the first sculpts for them and the idea is to sculpt more items before they will put everything online for sale. Its planned for the end of this year, maybe sooner and I will keep you guys posted with the other sculpts I'm developing for them...

This set of 9 heads is named Rotted out Heads and I hope you enjoy them.
Next on the table for Battleroad minis are some more goodies for those that like to make their armies unique with eye catchy conversions.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Brothers in Battle Diorama by a dear friend

Portugal oh Portugal! My country has great weather and food and girls so its safe to say that with so many distractions the tabletop community is not that big and that the few that have interest in this hobby are just concentrated on the gaming part of the hobby... Its ok I guess and after some decades I got used to not expect to much.
But like everything in life you cannot put everyone or everything on the same bag and for the past couple years I managed to find some hobby buddies that are more interested in the painting rather than the gaming... sometimes I gather with them in some events or online and on weekends.

Today I meet up with dear friend to show my latest sculpts and paint jobs and also to try to recruit him (again) to this 15mm trip... ( If I will crash and burn on this crazy 15mm adventure I better not be alone haha)...
All of a sudden he unpacks a 1/72 scaled mini diorama with a couple samurais fighting, I was speechless! I actually managed to motivate a great painter to paint smaller scales, but what really was unexpected is that he offered me the diorama as a gift... Wow what can I say or do to compensate such nice attitude?
So yeah in Portugal we are few but man do we rock :)

So here's my friend gift to me:


If you are wondering what miniatures are these, they are 1/72 Samurais from Zvezda Models... since 15mm are 1/100 these are also quite small miniatures.

I take this opportunity to link you guys to my friend Pandadosmares galleries and profile:


Great stuff!

So yeah, I feel spoiled now with such great gift, as such its my turn to payback... Green stuff here I go!