Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Batalha dos corvos VII ( WFB displays, painting contest & sculpting workshop)

Last weekend we had a very enjoyable tournament in Portugal with some very nice armies on superb displays, a small Painting contest and a very fun Sculpture Workshop.

The name of this tournament is Batalha dos Corvos VII ( The Battle of the Crows VII) and its totally dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

I helped in organizing the painting contest and giving some Sculpting Workshops, it was a very packed day and at the end of it I was a bit tired but with a feeling that I had contributed a bit to the hobby in Portugal.

As you may know we are not many over here but we all had a great fun this weekend and we all shared some really nice moments, this is what this hobby is all about, sharing ideas and making friends... heres some pictures of this event.

The Place

The great army displays

The Army winner

The Painting Contest

The Sculpting Workshop

Great fun!


  1. Great fun and a great workshop, thanks

  2. It must've been a fantastic event. Thanks for sharing. And some of the armies look so cool!

  3. Wow awesome stuff. Love all of the display boards, that is one part of my aremy building that I need to improve. That green demon army is very cool also.

  4. Lots of great displays and armies there, I think that displays do give any army a extra layer of coolness and you can even tell a story just by making a themed display. Was a great day and I recharged my brain cells with tons of ideas.