Saturday, 3 September 2011

Brothers in Battle Diorama by a dear friend

Portugal oh Portugal! My country has great weather and food and girls so its safe to say that with so many distractions the tabletop community is not that big and that the few that have interest in this hobby are just concentrated on the gaming part of the hobby... Its ok I guess and after some decades I got used to not expect to much.
But like everything in life you cannot put everyone or everything on the same bag and for the past couple years I managed to find some hobby buddies that are more interested in the painting rather than the gaming... sometimes I gather with them in some events or online and on weekends.

Today I meet up with dear friend to show my latest sculpts and paint jobs and also to try to recruit him (again) to this 15mm trip... ( If I will crash and burn on this crazy 15mm adventure I better not be alone haha)...
All of a sudden he unpacks a 1/72 scaled mini diorama with a couple samurais fighting, I was speechless! I actually managed to motivate a great painter to paint smaller scales, but what really was unexpected is that he offered me the diorama as a gift... Wow what can I say or do to compensate such nice attitude?
So yeah in Portugal we are few but man do we rock :)

So here's my friend gift to me:


If you are wondering what miniatures are these, they are 1/72 Samurais from Zvezda Models... since 15mm are 1/100 these are also quite small miniatures.

I take this opportunity to link you guys to my friend Pandadosmares galleries and profile:


Great stuff!

So yeah, I feel spoiled now with such great gift, as such its my turn to payback... Green stuff here I go!


  1. That is a beautiful diorama and colour me impressed with the detail work on such a small figure.

  2. Looks like it's raining minis in Portugal recently mate ;)

  3. Indeed! My friends are spoiling me with so many high quality gifts eheh...
    The detail both sculpt wise and painting wise is awesome but for me what really makes this diorama stand out is the idea and the dynamic poses in this duel... its like a snapshot of a battle and I love it.

  4. Lucky guy, that Bug-man...
    You must be happy with such a nice diorama :)
    Well done, Portugal!

  5. These are cool!!! if you get a chance take a look at


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