Monday, 12 September 2011

Ground Zero Games quality ( Vacc suits, Free traders, Ravagers)

I have been collecting miniatures for a long time and mostly for painting purposes and if in the past I was selective to the point of looking at 15mm miniatures and considering them not that detailed and with melting faces or weird proportions, today I know better than that.

So when I get to talk with my old buddies, most hardcore fans of 28mm, and say to them that there are miniatures in 15mm comparable if not in some cases superior in details than the 28mm they look at me and from their eyes I can see them thinking "- Navarro is a Biased bugger" :D

So this post on this blog I take the chance to try to prove my point. I just received a big order from Ground Zero Games all 15mm miniatures and since pictures are small on the company site I took some big ones so that everyone can see the quality of these in first hand... 
I look at them on my hands and simply cannot believe the level of details in these, Im totally convinced these miniatures are sculpted by nanobots! O_o

Cool hey? Now prepare to be mindblowed by these 15mm faces...

Now some crazy designs very nice for Necromunda fans or Madmax... 

For me its still all a bit to new but believe me fellow 28mm fans if you like painting high detailed miniatures then try out some 15mm, the quality is also there... as for gamers, imagine your 28mm 100 man armies, hard to carry and to store and reduce its volume by 50% and you can pack a army in a very small hand bag :) And lets not even talk about prices!

So in short, Ground Zero Games miniatures are of such quality standards that any collector that likes miniatures, be it for gaming or painting, should really try them out... I think that the tabu that 15mm minis are not very detailed is shattered by these outstanding examples.


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  1. Heh, yeah. I would believe you if you said they were 25mm scale with those pictures. Lovely!


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