Saturday, 27 October 2018

Orktober Family

Orktober month has been a fast one and quite productive as far as green skins go. Just some family pictures of the king and riders lot.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Ants are on the move!

A preview picture of the incoming 7tv Apocalypse Kickstarter by Crooked Dice game design.

The ant queen is part of the apocalyptic revolution!

Sunday, 7 October 2018


This is the last of the Beetle Riders, my goregruntas are now complete and just need a good paint job… What a fun project and quite enjoyed sculpting these bad boys!


Good morning Orktober Sunday!
The 2nd Beetle Rider is now complete and ready for the paintbrush. As previous ones this model is based on the Rhino beetle kit sculpted some time ago and with some extra add ons such as saddle and orky equipment for a more detailed miniature. Time consuming project but well worth it. Only one more rider to go and the King Crusher elite bodyguard is almost done. Will upload the 3rd one soon.

Saturday, 6 October 2018


October is one of those crazy months with too many challenges and not enough time for them… Failed Inktober but just going for one Orktober weekend instead! So After I finished my Orc warlord mounted on a giant rhino beetle its time to sculpt his personal orc bodyguard. These smaller Beetle riders will stand as goregruntas with their new extravagant rides. I was never a big fan of the boars so I used the rhino beetle multipart kid that I sculpted some time ago and just gave them some saddles and gear. This is the first of the 3.
Happy Orktober!

Orktober Ironjawz army

Welcome to Orktober! My Ironjawz army is complete now modelwise and ready for painting. Here's some pictures of these bad boys.

My savage Orruks are still a long way to go though…