Sunday, 30 April 2017

Salute 2017 coverage Part7

Big news from the 4Ground stand. A new range of miniatures and new skirmish game with a strong D&D flavour to it.

4Ground is usually one of the biggest stands at Salute since they are specialised in MDF terrain so its glad to see them branching into something else.

The Legends of Fabled Realms start here

The game will released inside a campaign book with specific mixed race warbands.

The miniatures are simply some of the best new ones on display. Perfection in every detail.

The factions so far are also revealed.

Miniatures will come with a card with profiles etc.

Incredible miniatures also had official terrain.

Moving to the demo tables you could experience the game and check also the stat cards and some war band profile card with counters, markers and all the good stuff to help you keep track of things.

So this game has the potential to be something special with these miniatures, terrain, gaming aids and such big name company behind it. Should kickstart in June. Talking with the crew, I had to ask in what material will they be casted in and the answer raised me some concerns since this is planed to be done in plastic/resin combo. They also said that down the line they will release these just in resin for the painters. So crossing fingers that the detail is carried on after casting.

4ground also had their typical mdf terrain intensive tables for anyone to drool over.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Salute 2017 coverage Part 6

Many publishers wait for Salute to release the new wave of miniatures or introduce their new games systems. There are plenty of new products just wanting to be discovered by any "Saluter".

Travel Battle by the Perry's is one of those projects and its probably the best I have seen there.

Basically it's the portable version of wargames. On a small travel box you can find a plastic tile with built in textures as well as individual terrain details and also some miniatures regiments to battle with. It's cleverly done and surely many will get this box. The tiles are also compatible with each other so if your group of 4 friends all buy a box you can build a table. I liked it so much that I would love to see the other mainstream games investing in their portable versions and release them in a contained box set. 
Looks so fun to game in that tile on that scale.

Many brands showing off their progress and strength consistently every year, I did not cover most but took a few pictures of one that I usually cover every year since its debut on Salute 4 or 5 years ago.
Amazing how much Hawk wargames has done with Dropzone and Dropfleet.

Sarissa MDF terrain making a good show yet another year. Here's some of their 15mm terrain, they mostly do 28mm, so its good to see mdf on a smaller scale.

Interesting stand with some resin options for the painters.

From one of my favourite stands comes a couple new space monsters in resin and also a chunk of new plastic sprues. Maelstrom Edge keeps on going stronger and looking better and better.

The plastic miniatures kit are interchangeable with their other plastics but the best bit about them is that they remind me of the cool darkish necromunda vibe. Surely something easy to convert to other systems if you choose to do so. The sprues looked packed with loads of useful bits. There was also more concept art hidden on the stand that I was not allowed to take pictures, but I can say that I cannot wait to see them sculpted.

Until next update enjoy the weekend.