Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Salute 2017 coverage Part4

Infinity was sold on many stands so the brand was quite strong at Salute. This table had infinity demos going on and it was a feast to the eyes.

From scifi to the dark lands of Mierce Miniatures, as always, had an impressive footprint of resin AND METAL on display. The metal skeletons looked like perfection.


Mierce table was also quite imposing.

Moving to another stand that had some of the most fun and original displays at Salute.

They had a big armoured car to promote their games and you could either go inside and mount the gun or go to the back of the car to play a game in the dark with loads of leads lightning on the board… you could just play a game on top of the car too just because its damn cool!

Probably the most original "table" of the day.
Their miniatures speak for themselves, quite of a good range to get into.

Thats all for today have a good one.

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