Sunday, 23 April 2017

Salute 2017 Coverage Part1

Yesterday we had yet another great Wargames Expo in London.
For those that follow this blog know that each year I do a little coverage of the day highlights, this year is no different… so lets start SALUTE 2017.

Busier, bigger, better and with loads of free stuff.
Initially when you enter Salute you get a freebies bag but thats only a portion of the free stuff that you can find if you plan things right.

Goodies bag had the following:

Magazine with information, background fluff, painting comp pictures etc…
Metal event miniature and dice.

Wild West Exodus plastic character.

These are the initial goodies that you can find on the bag, once you enter the event you can take advantage of what each stand and brand are offering on the day. Some do 3 for the price of 2, others have deep discounts on box sets others you can order online on discount before the event and then pick it up while others just give you free stuff.
The night before the event I noticed on FB that troll trader had yet another mysterious freebies bag for the first 100 customers that spend more than 15gbp. Not expecting much from it I went there first thing since I needed a chunk of greenstuff. I was lucky to get the stand goodies bag and this is what I got.

Wow that's a lot in there! 2 rulebooks, 3 miniatures, one paper terrain, painting pamphlet and a counter thing from TTcombat.

Night gobbo? yes please!

A couple of Rumbleslam funny miniatures. Nice.

What a nice surpass bag, but that is not all. I also got the following by going to the vendors stands.

A HUGE 300 page, full colour hardback rulebook for Wild West Exodus. I mean at the door we had the character miniature and now they also give the rulebook? Man that is insane.

On another stand got Pen and discount

And a 15mm miniature for free on Ground Zero Games.

And 2 little free halflings from Westfalia on top of a discount.

This is all the free stuff I got. Yikes!


  1. I didn't see the Wild West Exodus rulebook giveaway - WOW... Great snag getting that... I do though have the free pen, so well done me !

  2. I was surprised by it too, I mean the quality and size of the book is top class. As a freebie it was an amazing good deal.

  3. I got a sprue of crows from Eureka, and a free mdf block of flats from Dark sphere :). Completely missed the troll trader offer - I shall have to look harder next year.

    1. I did not know about those either, its hard to be on top of so many deals :)

  4. I got the freebie Richard the Lionheart figure from Wargames Illustrated, but I think that was it for freebies. I'll have to look harder next year :-)

    1. Someone needs to come up with something like a freebies tracker before next Salute :)


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